Steve Clemons and other sources are reporting that Sen. Hillary Clinton may have the inside track for Secretary of State. How is this not an insult to most of Barack Obama’s supporters? Even to Hillary herself?

Barack Obama won the nomination precisely because of he touted his superior judgment on the Iraq War.

During the primaries, he made this a standard line of attack:

“They should ask themselves: Who got the single most important foreign policy decision since the end of the Cold War right, and who got it wrong?”

And now, Obama –hope of antiwar liberals and many Obamacons– may appoint someone “who got it wrong” for Secretary of State.

Also, for all his promises to change the way Washington works, he picked as his Chief of Staff someone who knows how to make Washington profitable. Tim Carney has a great column in today’s Washington Examiner taking a look at Rahm Emanuel’s record of enriching himself with his contacts in the defense-industry.

I’m sure we’ll be told that these appointments “represent Obama’s desire for reconciliation.”

Keep Hope Alive!