My wife and I have been conducting an informal survey over the past three days while cruising on the two lane blacktop out here in Loudoun County.  We have been keeping a record of the bumper stickers on various makes of cars.  Subarus and Priuses only have Obama stickers.  We only saw two Mercedes with McCain stickers but pickup trucks and SUVs had McCain stickers in a five to one ratio over Obama stickers.  American made sedans were about fifty-fifty, half for each candidate.  A Saab had an Obama sticker on the passenger side and a McCain on the driver side, no doubt deriving from the traditional neutrality of Sweden.

Voting preferences also carried over into the culinary area.  At the upscale Tuscarora Mills, the only bumper stickers in the parking area out front were for McCain, though most cars (upscale German and Japanese imports) had no stickers at all.  Across the street at the Mighty Midget takeaway there was a fifty-fifty split, and around the corner at Pedro’s Peruvian chicken joint there were only Obama stickers, one of which was in Spanish.  A middle aged white man who observed us loitering near the county building noted my “Republican for Obama” bumper sticker and flipped me off.

We also noted that McCain signs in front yards are really big, much larger than the Obama counterparts, suggesting that Republicans own a paper mill somewhere.  “Drill Baby Drill” signs became more common as one moved closer to the Fairfax County line, suggesting both that there are gasoline shortages in Fairfax and that voters in that county are even more simple minded than the voters in Loudoun.  There was, however a huge “Drill Baby” sign on the grounds of Patrick Henry College, where the homeschoolers who want to turn the United States into a more Christian polity hang out, possibly demonstrating that a little learning is indeed a dangerous thing.  Hope this helps.