Dave Weigel at Reason has a good piece on the prospects for William Lawson’s campaign in North Carolina — great candidate, excellent campaign, but the dead weight of Bush (and record Democratic turnout for Obama) may be too much may be too much. This year, anyway.

Lawson is blunt about the problem here. “The party has been so weakened by the tragic mismanagement of our country these past eight years,” he explains. “Price has been running on Obama’s coattails and saying he wants to be part of a team for change. Well, I’m sorry, but you’ve been there for 20 years. You had your chance. It doesn’t make any sense for the voters to hire the guy who threw the brick through their window to fix the glass.”

Of course, the same things that are hurting Lawson ought to help Democratic Senate contender Bob Conley in South Carolina. Alas, there the Obama bump probably won’t be enough to rid us of Lindsey Graham. These are the two races I’ll be watching with the most interest tomorrow night.