One of the truly awful things about the Bush years is the pathologies that have been unleashed by 9/11.  The vilification of Muslims often directly but more often by implication has been a persistent feature of political discourse, embraced by Republicans primarily but also by many Democrats like Joe Lieberman.  If any single reason were needed to vote for anyone but John McCain it would, in my opinion, be the recent attacks on highly respected Professor Rashid Khalidi, whose only crime appears to be that he is Palestinian.  It is time that we the people repudiate this particular type of poison and banish it from our political discourse. 

Michael Brandon Dougherty has already posted on the TAC blog the interview with McCain campaign official Michael Goldfarb in which Goldfarb calls Khalidi an anti-semite “friend” of Obama, though he demurs at naming the other anti-semites that he knows to be associates of the Senator from Illinois.

I also call our reader’s attention to an article by Glenn Greenwald in Salon that appeared yesterday  and a superb piece by Juan Cole that appeared on Thursday