I’ve blogged about William “B.J.” Lawson, who’s running to represent North Carolina’s 4th Congressional District, a couple of times before. He’s an outstanding candidate, endorsed by Ron Paul and for sound money, slashing government expenditures, and a noninterventionist foreign policy. If the GOP had more candidates like Lawson, it wouldn’t be in the sorry shape it’s now in. And if there’s to be any turnaround — in the country, not just in the GOP — we need to elect Lawson and candidates like him.

Democrat Rep. David Price, a 20-year incumbent, is apparently trying to secure re-election by tying Lawson, of all people, to George W. Bush. The only thing they have in common is an “R.” The Lawson campaign is raising money to counter Price’s scurrilous ads. I’ve just donated another $50 for their effort, and I recommend that any TAC readers out there who can spare the funds do likewise. The 4th is a Democratic-leaning district, but Lawson has a shot, and even if he doesn’t win the better he does the better the chances of nominating more candidates like him in the future.