Richard Spencer is disappointed that Ron Paul not only isn’t running for president this fall, but he also appeared with leftist third party candidates urging a vote against the two major parties:

It’s also worth pointing out that in all these Left-Right, “strange-bedfellows” coalitions, the Left always ends up on top. Does anyone actually believe that Cynthia McKinney gives a fig about monetary policy? (Unless, of course, you’re talking about a conspiracy of evil Jewish bankers out to oppress poor black folks.) Does anyone think that if elected, Ralph Nader wouldn’t enact worse socialist measures than would the Republicans and Democrats?

We, the conservative constitutionalists, have the message that resonates with the American people, we created the netroots support, we are gradually building the institutions. And thus why would we allow some leftists to jump on our bandwagon?—for what!?! What do we gain? And why? because we agree with Cynthia McKinney on a few civil liberty issues? PLEASE!

Say what you will about McKinney, at least she isn’t running with John McCain. And though I disagree with Nader on a host of issues he is good on some such as ending corporate personhood and militarism. I don’t have much hope for any meaningful change in the near future, so I tend not to take voting and endorsements very seriously.  What hopes I did have were dashed at the sight of sensible people with whom I have much common ground swooning because they see a pig* (John McCain) smeared in lipstick* (Sarah Palin).

On the subject of Ralph Nader, check out PJB’s interview with him in TAC a few years back, and Justin Raimondo’s endorsement of him in 2004:

He kept coming back to the theme of a liberal intelligentsia that has betrayed the cause of progressive reform. They are, he charged, at once arrogant and too accommodating. . .I cheered when he cited Gen. Smedley Butler’s book War is a Racket as an example of how corporate interests manipulate patriotic sentiment, socializing the risks of overseas investments and pocketing the profits. The Democrats are a big part of the problem: “In Washington they say that George W. Bush must be defeated because of the War in Iraq. Who voted for the War in Iraq? John Kerry. They say our civil liberties are being sacrificed by the Patriot Act. Who voted for the Patriot Act? Every Democratic Senator except Sen. Russ Feingold voted for the Patriot Act.”

*For those who have temporarily taken leave of their senses, allow me to explain: I am using a metaphor, an elitist literary thing that I learned in the seventh grade. I don’t really believe that McCain is a pig or that Palin is lipstick.