Supply-sider, Larry Kudlow is occasionally seen blaming a downed stock market on Democrats, as he did last week:

Are the Denver Dems downing the stock market today? The Dow is off 230 points, starting right from the get-go. So-called market analysts are blaming financials and the credit crunch as they always do. But there’s more.

Obama and Biden gave us plenty of class warfare in their Springfield, Ill., get together on Saturday. Tax the rich. Redistribute income and wealth. Go after all those corporate meanies. Trade protection. Card-check for the Unions to stop secret elections (not even former Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern agrees with that one.)

But I noticed last Friday, the day that McCain announced the Palin nomination, the market went down. And today, after Palin’s big speech last night, the market dropped 340 points. A New York Times article stated “Stocks on Wall Street plunged on Thursday, but few investors seemed to settle on one reason.” If you employ Kudlow logic, the reason is obvious.