Jeremy Lott says that Catholics who take their faith seriously have no choice at all in this election year. And he references the Simpsons:

Senator Barack Obama has voted against affording protections even to premature babies that are accidentally delivered during abortions, for fear that it might set a precedent that could prevent even one partial-birth abortion at some point.

Senator John McCain championed an unjust war in Iraq during his first run for president, was its biggest cheerleader in Congress, sings songs about bombing other countries and has adopted a belligerent posture toward much of the rest of the world. More unjust wars would be almost guaranteed on his watch.

With apologies to The Simpsons, that makes this an election of abortions for some, small unjust wars for others. For Catholics who take Church teaching seriously, that’s no choice at all.

Rod Dreher adds that both candidates increasingly reflect the worst in each other:

Worse, I don’t think McCain will be very good on abortion, though much better than Obama. And Obama’s hawkishness in recent days doesn’t give me much faith that he’ll be all that much better than McCain on issues of war and peace. So, good luck trying to decide between them