That’s Stop Journalists From Waterboarding Themselves, @TAC’s new help group.

According to the CIA, only a handful of terror suspects have been waterboarded. Yet SJFWT reports that thousands of journalists, suffering from chronic lack of inspiration, have had themselves asphyxiated for the sake a crumby article.

Christopher Hitchens is the latest hack to have put himself through the waterboarding experience. Having used up the perennial “women aren’t funny” provocation piece in the latest Vanity Fair, Hitchens felt there was nowhere else to turn: the waterboard beckoned. (Brave readers can watch the video here.)

You are not alone, Mr Hitchens. SJFWT can help.

(Self-inflicted waterboarding is no joke. Participants risk the following side-effects: a severe increase in self-righteousness and self-pity; a tendency to write really boring copy; and heavy fits of moral outrage.)