West Virginian Don Surber is in excessive thrall of the power of hill folk:

Newsweek discovers that hey, those dumb hillbillies may decide the 2008 race — like they did the 2000 race. . .

The hill people (I include Jed Clampett’s Ozarks and Ma and Pa Kettle’s Cascade Mountains) decided the 2000 race. If Al Gore, boy genius, had taken Arkansas or Tennessee or West Virginia, Florida would not have mattered.

I’m not sure how dumb hillbillies decided the 2000 race when every single state mattered–had George Bush lost one more state anywhere, he would not have been president. If you compare the 1996 and 2000 electoral maps, you see that Gore lost a lot of states, with more than 100 electoral votes, that Clinton carried in 1996.

And what’s that about “Ma and Pa Kettle’s Cascade Mountains”? As a commenter notes, the Kettles lived on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, west of the Cascade Range. It doesn’t matter though, since Gore carried Washington in the 2000 election.

Of course, a Don Surber rant isn’t complete until Glenn Reynolds gives it his uncritical endorsement.