I have just been reading about Italian businessman Raffaello Follieri, who reportedly fraudulently convinced New York investors that he was a Vatican financial officer who would be able to obtain redundant church properties at knock down prices for redevelopment.  Follieri would not even be having his fifteen minutes of fame but for the fact that he recently dated actress Anne Hathaway, who starred in”The Devil Wears Prada.”  Follieri had to fork over a bail bond of $21 million to avoid having to spend quality time in Riker’s Island. 

Back in April Ben-Ami Kadish was arrested for providing defense secrets to Israel.  He was released on $350,000 bail bond despite the fact that there was considerable risk that he might flee to Israel to escape prosecution.

Both Kadish and Follieri are awaiting trial at home in comfortable circumstances, the former in Maplewood New Jersey and the latter in his apartment at the Trump Towers.  Based on the respective bails, the US criminal justice system believes that bilking investors is roughly a sixty times worse offense than committing treason.