Murray Sabrin went down to defeat in New Jersey, but Bob Kelleher — who has run for public office 15 times since 1964, often as a Democrat and occasionally as a Green Party candidate — won the Republican Senate nomination in Montana. He’s antiwar, though his big issue, as it turns out, is something rather different: “Kelleher wants to do away with America’s unique system of representative democracy and replace it with a parliament,” according to the Billings Gazette:

“My position has always been the same,” Kelleher said in a recent interview. “Because 26 countries have a higher standard of living than we do, including health care, we should copy their form of government, which is a parliamentary system.”

As that comment suggests, he’s for nationalized healthcare as well. Too bad, but I have to admire a state that can still produce a cantankerous populist like Kelleher — and give him a majority party’s Senate nomination to boot. (Hat tip to Eric Garris at LRC.)