The June 2 issue of TAC went to press on Thursday and should start showing up in bookstores and subscribers’ mailboxes by the end of the week. The mag includes Phil Giraldi’s cover story on Israel’s intelligence operations in the U.S.; Nick von Hoffman on Ben Bernanke’s impossible task of lowering food and fuel prices while trying to re-inflate the housing market; Nikolas Gvosdev on whether Bush should go to China (for my part, I just wish he wouldn’t come back); Michael Brendan Dougherty on the remarkable predictive powers of political futures markets; an article by yours truly on the philosophical implications of the Republican Congressional primary race in Virginia’s 8th district; Kelley Vlahos on lowered recruiting standards to which the military has had to resort to fill the ranks; plus columns and articles by Howard Anglin, Roger Howard, Daniel Larison, James Pinkerton, and Pat Buchanan; and reviews by Steve Sailer, Lawrence Wilkerson, John Lukacs, and W. James Antle III. All that and Fourteen Days, too!

The American Conservative, June 2, 2008