A POTUS Coddles with Mass Murderer

A POTUS Coddles a Mass Murderer, Pedophile and Drug Addict

Some seem to believe we should negotiate and make deals with terrorists, radicals and mass murderers, as part of a strategy aimed at protecting core U.S. national interests in an international system where nations have no permanent friends or allies, but only have permanent interests. We have heard this wise assessment before. As Mao and his radical communist henchmen were terrorizing, starving, and murdering millions of their own people and providing assistance to North Vietnam and its proxies who were killing American soldiers in Vietnam, a very hawkish U.S. President and his unsentimental Realpolitik advisor decided that this was the perfect time to talk with Mao. We have an obligation to call this what it is – a brilliant diplomatic move that helped advance U.S. strategic interests and led eventually to the U.S. victory in the Cold War.

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