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Mark Royden Winchell, RIP

I was saddened to learn that occasional TAC contributor Mark Royden Winchell died last Thursday. Winchell is perhaps best known for his studies of Southern literary figures [1] such as Donald Davidson [2] and Cleanth Brooks [3], though he was also the author of a highly regarded volume about William F. Buckley Jr. ISI had just brought out his latest book, God, Man, and Hollywood [4], last month. (A posthumous work, The Cause of Us All: Cultural Politics and the South, is forthcoming.) He had been a professor of English literature at Clemson University since 1985. He was an impressive scholar and by all accounts a true representative of the Southern gentlemanly ideal.

(There’s a very good interview with Winchell, promoting God, Man, and Hollywood, here [5].)