There are quite a few new titles out at the moment that should be of interest to conservatives who enjoy TAC. At ISI’s on-line journal, First Principles, Bill Kauffman reviews Daniel J. Flynn’s A Conservative History of the American Left, a book about which Bill was skeptical at first — “I’m in for it,” he thought, “four hundred pages of USA! chest-thumping and ridiculous depictions of nonentities such as Michael Dukakis and John Kerry as the spawn of Satan” — but which he ultimately finds to be a “well-written, pugnaciously argued, and consistently interesting account of the American Left.” I can concur with that.

At National Review Online, meanwhile, John Derbyshire discusses Gene Healy’s The Cult of the Presidency (which Gerald Russello recently heralded here) and Ron Paul’s The Revolution: A Manifesto. If the endorsements of Gerald Russello and John Derbyshire aren’t enough for you, you can get a preview of Healy’s book in the June issue of Reason, which runs an excerpt. That same issues also carries my review of a Goldwater book actually written by the late senator, Pure Goldwater, a collection of Goldwater’s journal entries, letters, and miscellanea edited by his son and John W. Dean.

Coming later this month is the new edition of Justin Raimondo’s Reclaiming the American Right, an important history of the Old Right and how it came to be displaced by Cold War conservatism. I highly recommend it. And speaking of books about the Old Right that I recommend, pick up a copy of the May 5 TAC — in stores now — to get my take on Kauffman’s latest, Ain’t My America: The Long, Noble History of Anti-War Conservatism and Grassroots Anti-Imperialism. Kauffman will be discussing the book at the CATO Institute later today, in fact.