Freddy will be disappointed to hear that perpetual candidate Alan Keyes has fallen short of the Constitution Party’s presidential nomination. The Constitution Party — back then it was the U.S. Taxpayers’ Party — was founded in the early 1990s in the hopes of getting Pat Buchanan to make a third-party run in ’92. What liberals and others who fail to look beneath the surface rhetoric of the culture war have never understood is that while Keyes and Buchanan both speak out for traditional values, they have fundamentally different political philosophies. Keyes is an antiabortion neocon. The Constitution Party, whatever its flaws, is far from being a neocon outfit. So it has rejected Keyes and nominated instead Pastor Chuck Baldwin, a critic of the Iraq War and national-security state as well as a social conservative. The press thinks this is an upset, but anyone who knows what the Constitution Party has actually stood for will not be surprised at all.