Gerald Russello was kind enough to mention a while back that my review of Douglass Shand-Tucci’s Ralph Adams Cram: An Architect’s Four Quests: Medieval, Modernist, American, Ecumenical is in the current issue of the University Bookman. It’s now on-line, too — along with a trove of material from the Bookman, including several web-only pieces.

Cram is a fascinating and tremendously influential figure, not only as one of America’s great Gothic revival architects, but also as an Old Right essayist, High Anglican reformer (who also shaped a few Roman Catholic institutions, helping to launch Commonweal magazine, for example), Medievalist, publisher of Henry Adams’s Mont St. Michel and Chartres, and a whole lot more. He’s an unjustly overlooked figure, and while Shand-Tucci’s book is far from perfect, I’m hopeful it will kick off a revival of Cram scholarship.