The Smoking Gun has the goods on hip-hop artist, Akon. Apparently this wanksta wasn’t the ringleader of a “notorious car theft operation” and he didn’t own four chop shops that catered to “celebrities and drug dealers.” Gosh, he’s only been convicted of one felony in his life. Turns out: he spent a lot of time in the suburbs. TSG reports:

Akon’s deceptions have gone unchallenged and unexamined by the music press, which has been happy to promote him as one of the beleaguered recording industry’s few bright lights. He was named “Top Artist of 2007” by Billboard and dubbed “The Last Hit-Maker” in an April 2007 Vibe cover story. His two albums combined have sold about 10 million copies worldwide, while ring tone sales have exceeded 6.5 million downloads. He has also collaborated on songs with a wide array of musical superstars, including Gwen Stefani, Eminem, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston.

Guess that success is over. What’s a talented hit-maker to do if he doesn’t have criminal qualifications? I guess he could cultivate an upscale white audience by blogging and having his minimalist pad featured in Interior Design.