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Establishment Confirms:More Than 600K Vets Suffering from PTSD/TBI

The establishment has finally weighed in [1] on the issue of Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder among our returning soldiers and Marines. RAND, not known for its risk-taking assessments by any measure, released a report today finding what everyone in veterans’ advocacy has been talking about for years: that nearly 19 percent of returning vets have PTSD and nearly 20 percent have some form of TBI. Around seven percent qualify for both. In other words, out of an estimated 1.6 million servicemen and women who have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan since 2002, an estimated 300,000 are suffering from PTSD or “major depression,” and 320,000 have a brain injury.

Furthermore, somewhere in the realm of 50 percent of those who meet the criteria for these diagnoses aren’t seeking treatment, the report says, which could result in greater costs for society as time goes by. As for cost, the average expense for treating an individual with PTSD, depending on the severity, is $5,900 to $25,760. For treating TBI, the cost for a mild case could range from $27,260 to $32,760. A severe case for brain injury can cost upwards of $408,530, according to RAND.

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#1 Comment By Columbus Brand On August 5, 2009 @ 3:04 pm

I am an ex-soldier from the 1980’s and feel this generation of soldiers are phenomenal! I hear about the returning troops difficulties with their families and reintegrating into home life and want to help. I am a licensed marriage and family therapist as well as a licensed individual therapist and addictions therapist in the state of Florida. I have talked with art therapists and have trained in empirically validated techniques such as Linda Gant’s trauma work. There is a great interest in this field to provide help but funding seems to be an issue for most. Is there any grant monies to provide art trauma therapy that you are aware of? Getting universities such as Florida State in Tallahassee, Florida and the University of Central Florida in Orlando would be an excellent move toward getting these soldiers and their families the help they need.