I heard an interesting story from an editor of a major New York magazine. He’s friends with a copy editor who got an offer to go to Bangalore, India and train a whole slew of Indian copy editors, so the job of book editing would no longer be so dependent on well-educated American women willing to toil for sub-standard wages. Apparently he’s gone, happily helping the Bangaloreans organize copy editing shops.

On an adjacent track, my friend knew a novelist who was being published by a very major New York house. (I could name names here, but it doesn’t seem necessary and would probably unfairly single out one place when the behavior is widespread.) The novelist apparently got her galleys back and was appalled. Many corrections disrupted flow and idiom. It seemed as if the copy editor wasn’t that familiar with American English. She inquired. “Oh, we outsource much of our copy editing to India now.” came the blithe reply.

I dunno. First they came for the steel workers, but. . .

Lines keep getting drawn and blown right over. At some point before the American economy consists entirely of hedge fund managers and those who service them, all of this will end. It could be pretty dramatic.