Good news from Spokane, Washington:

The Spokane County Republican Party formally rejected the Iraq policy of their current president and their party’s likely nominee, saying American troops shouldn’t be on overseas missions for more than six months without a formal declaration of war.

“At a county convention that some party leaders said may have set an attendance record for Republicans in Spokane, supporters of presidential candidate Ron Paul Saturday handily defeated an attempt to scale back the platform’s stringent limitation on using American troops on foreign soil.”

This kind of stuff is happening all over the country, especially in the Midwest and Texas party organizations: the Ron Paul Revolution continues at the grassroots level. We’re building a movement, brick by brick, and not just talking about doing it.

Bob Barr’s entry into the race, as McManiac‘s Nemesis, is even better news: it means the Revolution continues at least until November. I have a few reservations: like most of the best of the un-prefixed conservatives, he is better on domestic issues than he is on foreign policy. In any case, George Will seems to think Barr’s campaign could be “ruinous” for the War Party’s favorite son. That alone makes him worth supporting.