One of the funny things about covering campaigns is that you travel to these far flung places: North Conway, New Hampshire, Charleston, South Carolina or Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and you see all the same people you around Washington D. C. Mike Huckabee probably thought I was stalking him. Anna Marie Cox too. Last night, I found out that you can never get away.

I traveled to my Hudson Valley hometown this weekend to catch up with family and friends. We went out to dinner at Vox, a French restaurant in North Salem , New York. There were maybe 20 people in the dining room that late. Of course, one of them was Dick Morris, former political advisor to the Clintons. When he isn’t living on Fox News he holds court with his family in Redding, Connecticut. He asked me if I had seen that Bill Clinton’s latest remarks on Bosnia. I had. He then regaled me with an entertaining story in which he tried to explain to the Clintons that the media attacks them because they “f-ck up.” But before he could emit this wisdom, Hillary interrupted and said, “It’s because we’re boomers. The media are boomers and so they are jealous of us.” He laughed at her naive explanation.
I laughed dutifully and left. Why can’t I get away from this?