I can’t speak for others on this blog, but Obama isn’t getting my love, in the same way that love wasn’t behind (I think) Scott’s earlier support for John Kerry as president whose election could have very likely had “usher[ed] in a resurgent Great Society-style liberalism, including the establishment of a large national health care system.” And on immigration reform, Kerry would have had less use for restrictionists than W. I assume you noticed that? In any case, Love and politics is certainly a sexy topic and is related to the subject of charisma in politics.  My approach is policy oriented. And apropos the cooking metaphors, I feel like we have been been roasted over a spit and boiled in oil for the last eight years in Iraq and that Master Chef McCain isn’t planning to change the menu and is probably going to serve us with Persian spices. BTW, I’m not even sure that I’ll vote for Obama.