Rod Dreher links to former National Review publisher Wick Allison’s take (in response to Kay Bailey Hutchison) on what he refers to as the religion of tax cuts.

First, dear Kay, “tax-and-spend” is preferable to the borrow-and-spend philosophy of the current GOP administration, which has created the highest deficits and the largest increases to the national debt in our history. Second, if the Bush tax cuts are responsible for the economy’s job creation, why did the Clinton-era tax increases result in even more jobs? Third, besides opposing a redesign of the Bush tax cuts, what exactly do you, as a United States Senator, propose to do to restore fiscal sanity to a federal government whose spending has run amok during your last seven years in office?

He could have added a fourth question: If you didn’t want the cuts to expire, why did you guys write the law that way? The fact is that the Republicans who voted to cut taxes seven years ago, also voted to raise them again, years down the road.

Supply side quacks who helped the country into a quagmire of debt have the credibility level of the neocons who helped the country into the quagmire of Iraq.