How dense is Hugh Hewitt you ask? He writes,
“I played excerpts from Hillary’s speech from today, in which she references ‘hurling’ her ‘bookbag’ across her room at college on hearing of the assassination of MLK, as well as wearing a black arm band in a protest march in Boston in the aftermath of the murder. Listeners are e-mailing skepticism about their being bookbags and arm bands in 1968. I have no opinion, being 12 at the time. E-mail evidence to [email protected]

Being twelve isn’t old enough to know about bookbags and arm bands? How very odd. You would think that even if he has no first hand memories of the existence of such items in April 1968, that as a law professor, he would at least be aware of the 1969 Supreme Court case, Tinker vs. Des Moines. That case involved high school students wearing armbands in 1965. It’s a basic First Amendment case that anyone who graduated from law school ought to know.

The mind of a hyper-partisan like Hewitt is an interesting object. He parses every statement of the opposition, but If George Bush claimed to walk on the Moon or led the first wave at Omaha Beach, Hewitt would back him up on it.