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Lenin doesn’t live here anymore

The discussion among some of the bloggers [1] here about Obama is turning to be an example of dialectial thinking [2] runing amok. Sorry guys… But I’m not so interested in the evolution of the post-neo-paleo-Leninst moment even in its pre-modernist/Kirkian version. I don’t want to make an omlette [3] but to find a way to get out of Iraq and the mess the neocons got us into. That would actually make things better before they get worst.

I also don’t buy the idea of McCain being the Jacksonian [4] in this campaign. As I suggested in TAC, [5] Huckabee was clearly the populist Jacksonian in the race.

And I agree with Kagan [6] that Iran is winning in Iraq. But as I noted in Iran is Upstaging the U.S. in Iraq [7]. , this — 

— happened because of this: