There seems to be a lot of back-and-forthing on the TAC blog site about Barack Obama and, more specifically, whether conservatives and Republicans will vote for him.  Forgive me, but it seems to me to be a bit of an egghead exercise speculating on what real Republicans and real conservatives think and what they will do.  The dismissal of Obama seems to be premature.  I spend a considerable part of every day communicating with others whom I consider to be “real conservatives,” including former military and intelligence officers as well as lifelong Republicans who have never voted Blue.  I doubt if many of them have read Russell Kirk or Sam Francis, but conservatism is in their guts.  Among them there is considerable buzz about Obama and many are saying that they will vote for him if he is nominated because he is the only candidate who MIGHT leave Iraq and not attack Iran, which they consider the number one and two issues confronting the next president.  Obama might even actually try to help the Palestinians and might do something about NAFTA and other similar abominations that have gutted our economy.  No guarantee that he’ll do any of the above, but he just might.  Hillary won’t.  McCain won’t.  Ron Paul cannot get elected, nor can Bob Barr or Nader, so if you want anything to change there is really only one candidate.