Memorial services were held today for William F. Buckley at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Jeff Hart has a remembrance in the latest issue of TAC to be posted online.

About a year ago, I received a letter from Bill at the offices here at TAC. He wanted to comment on something I wrote in The Washington Monthly. We corresponded a little and met soon after. It was a privilege I shared with hundreds of young agitators on the right over the past five decades and I’m thankful for it. He read TAC with interest and even took the time to praise some its contents in his column.

People frequently speculate about his feelings on what the conservative movement had become. I don’t think there is much to be gained by this. From my own conversations with him, I gathered that he was somewhat detached from the day to day concerns and battles of the movement. On the other, he was quite attached to (and loved dearly) many of the people in the conservative movement –and sometimes on its edges.