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What Militarism Means

Its perfect symbol isn’t Prussia, it’s the F-35.

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For the Iran Deal, Against the Conservation of Enemies

You don’t have to be a pollyanna to see the deal as a significant diplomatic achievement.

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Faith in Diplomacy

Conservative realism has a champion in Reagan’s Swiss ambassador.

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Does the Nuclear Deal Mean Détente?

America’s traditional Middle East allies put proxy conflicts with Tehran over fighting ISIS.

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How the Iran Deal Serves America

The U.S. needs regional options beyond those Israel and Saudi Arabia approve of.

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Rejecting the Iran Deal Would Be GOP Suicide

Republican refusals to honor American agreements would weaken their country, and their party.

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Why Is Washington Addicted to War?

Even as Obama was making peace with Iran, the U.S. moved into conflict with Russia on the side of neo-Nazis and Islamists.


A World of Cities

How localism prospers in an era of globalization

Summer With Taki

The Russians ruined the French Riviera that was, so head to Maine—or Greece.

Michael Oren’s Problem With American Jews

They’ve joined Obama’s multicultural coalition, as Israel embraces right-wing ethnocentrism.

The Necessity of Greece’s Separation

The Greeks have even more cause to throw off German shackles than the Americans did the British in 1776.

Marco Rubio Invades the World

From Yemen to Ukraine, the Florida senator wants war.

Europe’s Existential Crisis

Even Grexit economics are overshadowed by continental demographic decline and rising extremism.

The True Cost of the War on Terror

Though the global body count is obscured, America’s destabilizing actions may have claimed more lives than nonstate terrorists.

The Importance of the Iran Pivot

Even as the world burns and goes bankrupt, nuclear negotiations stand out as the most urgent American foreign-policy priority.

Iran’s “Imperial Ambitions” Are Greatly Exaggerated

Iran’s regional reach is very limited.

The Guns of August 2015

Are Russia and the West stumbling towards Armageddon?