U.S. Army photo by Spc. Justin French

The True Cost of the War on Terror

Though the global body count is obscured, America’s destabilizing actions may have claimed more lives than nonstate terrorists.

U.S. Mission Geneva / Eric Bridiers

The Importance of the Iran Pivot

Even as the world burns and goes bankrupt, nuclear negotiations stand out as the most urgent American foreign-policy priority.

Illustration: Winai Tepsuttinun / shutterstock

Iran’s “Imperial Ambitions” Are Greatly Exaggerated

Iran’s regional reach is very limited.


The Guns of August 2015

Are Russia and the West stumbling towards Armageddon?

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Davos Woman

Hillary Clinton is a gift to the global elite.

illustration by Michael Hogue

Jeb vs. the Neocons?

A Catholic Bush just might be a peaceful one.

Dutch Cabinet/Wikimedia Commons

Blowing Up Greece

And shaking the European Union to the foundations


Five Already Failed Iraq Tactics

Washington’s definition of success requires all players to act against their own interests to achieve U.S. aims.

Starving Yemen to Death

This is just the most horrifying effect that the war is having on the country’s civilian population.

Washington Escalates Beyond Its Means

The U.S. rushes toward conflict with Moscow—without the allies or resources to win.

Reading War With China

Ghost Fleet is a fictionalized foretelling of World War III fought in the Pacific that’s too real for comfort.

The Varieties of Russian Conservatism

A staunchly traditional Russian society grapples with modernity’s disruptions, seeking conservatisms far beyond Putinism.

America Fights ISIS With Insanity

The U.S. sending Iraq more rocket launchers to destroy its U.S.-provided Humvees is a microcosm of madness.

The Starvation of Yemen

The war on Yemen is creating famine conditions.

Israel Battles the Boycotts

The BDS movement is now drawing official opposition from Tel Aviv and its American allies.

Washington Prepares to Fight for Donetsk (and Ignore Baltimore)

Neoconservatives big on “toughness” would rather pick fights with Putin than address the hard law-and-order issues that founded their movement.

America’s Diplomatic Crisis

The United States has forfeited its capacity to pursue American interests through negotiated solutions.