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Not a Munich Moment

Comparing Ukraine’s crisis with 1938 misreads both history and the present.

Donetsk, Ukraine  Andrew Butko /  cc

In Ukraine, Not All Uprisings Are Equal

Friends of peace and limited government shouldn’t mistake which protests have followed a democratic course.

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Electoral Systems and Failed Democracies

Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Iraq—they all use proportional representation.

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Here’s How to Think About Russia and the Ukraine Crisis

Daniel Larison answers seven urgent questions about NATO, Putin’s irredentism, and a second Cold War.

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Russia, the West, and ‘Moral Equivalence’

Why Putin’s actions in Crimea look to the rest of the world a lot like NATO’s Kosovo intervention.

"They Have Their Exits," Airey Neave, Pan 329 (1955) by Jeremy Crawshaw / Flickr

Airey Neave’s Way

Colditz couldn’t hold Britain’s ballsiest politician. /

A Coup in Crimea—or in Russia?

The West rejects a peninsula’s secession but makes no secret of its regime-change ambitions for Moscow.


The Anti-Warrior

Micah Zenko brings peace to the Council on Foreign Relations.

Look to Solidarity, Not Sudetenland

What Poland’s 1981 movement can teach Ukraine—and what Reagan’s response teaches us

Burke vs. Paine—Then and Now

A pamphlet war between two giants of political thought gave birth to left and right.

The End of Drone War?

The collapse of available bases could push the U.S. to revamp its failed counterterrorism strategy.

What Obama Didn’t Say About Ukraine

Russia’s actions in Crimea call for a realistic response, not hypocritical platitudes.

The Right’s Putin Problem

The Russian president is an autocratic right-wing nationalist, not a model for American conservatives.

Can Catholics Still Criticize the UN?

Priestly abuse deprives the church of the moral authority to resist the United Nations’ social engineering.

Shooting at Sochi to Hit Syria

Neoconservatives lambast Russia for standing in the way of their latest war.

Russia’s Right Turn

Moscow has reclaimed its 19th-century conservative role.

How Russia Might Have Stopped World War I

The Durnovo Memorandum foresaw a conservative alternative to the conflagration that engulfed Europe.