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No Barbarians at the Gates of Paris

Niall Ferguson’s flimsy comparison to ancient Rome ignores the fact that Europe is largely responsible for its own decline.

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Why Did Turkey Attack a Russian Plane?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan may want to derail the an alliance against ISIS—and thus weaken the Assad regime.


A Terrified West Empowers ISIS

Hawks and media ascribe to our enemies in the Islamic State powers they do not remotely possess.

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Fighting Terrorism With Transcendence

The faith that can fight “the joy of ISIS”

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Has Hillary Learned Nothing From Iraq?

Clinton’s response to ISIS is to double down on neoconservative talking points.

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Obama Presides Over the Death of Globalism

The president appeals to “universal values” that are fading before his very eyes.


Why There Is No Obama Doctrine

Trying to discern contemporary U.S. grand strategy presumes a coherence that simply isn’t there.


From Sun Tzu to Fourth Generation War

In developing military strategy, the U.S. must learn old lessons and adapt to new realities.

French Gaullists and the Last War

They believe in national greatness, but President Hollande and his predecessors have a history of pursuing the wrong strategy.

Empathy, Quantified

Social media attempts to express solidarity in the aftermath of tragedy—but falls painfully short.

The Best Coalition Against ISIS

Any country that wishes to help destroy the Islamic state should be welcomed as an ally.

Who Are the Allies Against ISIS?

If the Islamic State cannot be contained, a genuine international coalition must stand up.

How to Counter Violent Extremism

Heavy-handed tactics don’t stop terrorism. Good policing and public trials do.

This Time, Fight the Real Enemy

The Islamic State is the threat to West—not Assad or Iran.

Syria’s Very Spanish Civil War

The U.S. has no more interest in arming Levantine Islamists than it did in Iberian anarchists.

Logic of a Modern Militia

How do you stop lone-wolf terror? With every man available.

Does George Soros Want Revolution in Europe?

National sovereignty remains an obstacle to the activist billionaire’s open borders agenda.