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Don’t Overstate the Terrorist Threat

The mass murder in Nice was horrific, but it doesn’t mean that ISIS is growing.

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Business Trumps Politics

Do billionaires make good leaders?


The Hawks Are Still in Charge

Last week’s GOP discussions should end all doubt.

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A Very Predictable Coup?

Opponents of Turkey’s strongman have only solidified his position.

Michael Hogue

Close All the Military Bases?

Not all U.S. garrisons harm their host nations, but some strategic withdrawal makes sense.

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Fallujah in Ruins

The people the U.S. helped to liberate are being abused all over again.

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Russian Harassment and Other Fables

Moscow is no longer the capital of an evil empire. Why is Washington stuck in a Cold War mindset?


The Problem With Regime Change

More airstrikes in Syria will only create opportunities for Islamic state radicals.

Low-Tech Terror

What gun laws can’t prevent.

What Trump Gets Right on Immigration

A blanket ban on Muslims goes too far, but pausing travel from some countries is a sensible idea.

Is Brexit National Suicide?

As a nation dependent on trade, Britain is foolish to leave the EU.

After Brexit, Nationalism and Trump Rising

An anti-establishment, populist wave is surging across Europe and the U.S.

Home Is Where You Don’t Have to Explain

The average Brexit supporter is not a racist.

Brexit May Presage a Trump Win

In countries across the West, populist movements are on the rise.

How Fear Won in Britain

Whether we remain or leave, the EU referendum shows how anxious my country has become.

Trump and Washington’s Wars

What he could and couldn’t do

Our Impulsive Foreign Policy Establishment

Do Americans want to start a new war with Syria and Russia?