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Can the GOP Deal With Iran?

Republicans’ foreign-policy credibility will ride on whether they can accept and enforce a deal the world considers done.

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Whose War in Yemen?

Saudi Arabia wreaks havoc on its poorest neighbor—with U.S. help.

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American Jews Reject the Israel Lobby—and Support the Iran Deal

The war coalition of billionaires, fundamentalists, and Netanyahu cronies doesn’t speak for Jewish opinion.

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How Turkey Plays the War on Terror

America’s reluctant ally finally offers token assistance against ISIS only as cover for a campaign against the Kurds.

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What Cuba Means for Latin America

The thaw with Havana opens an opportunity for the U.S. to become a regional leader.

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Immigration Is the Issue of the Age

The migrating millions threaten to swamp Western countries ill-prepared to receive them.

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How America Failed Afghan Women

Despite going to war on promises of female empowerment, the U.S. is leaving a country essentially unchanged.


Netanyahu’s Lobby vs. the World

The Iran deal pits the allies of Israel’s prime minister against an international consensus.

Cashing in on Counter-Terrorism

Government-friendly inexpert witnesses help grease the wheels for an unaccountable war on terror.

Ukrainians Are Not Nazis—and They Need Our Help

Why conservatives and libertarians should support aid for Kiev—and diplomacy with Russia.

How to Seal the Iran Deal

President Obama can take a lesson from Ike in forcefully defending American prerogatives.

A Thatcherite Approach to the Iran Deal

The Iron Lady was a principled friend to Israel who could have rallied conservatives to Obama’s nuclear agreement.

Turkey’s Enemies Aren’t Always Ours

When allies go their own way, so should we.

Deep State America

Democracy is often subverted by special interests operating behind the scenes.

Obama vs. Netanyahu: The Decisive Months

Will Iran deal opponents sway the American public and lawmakers?

Iran and America: The Big Picture

What the deal means for the region’s calculus of power.

What Militarism Means

Its perfect symbol isn’t Prussia, it’s the F-35.