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Canada’s Patriot Act Moment

Stephen Harper leverages his country’s post-attack period to expand the surveillance state and exacerbate radicalization.

U.S. Embassy Vienna

A Bleak Foreign Policy November

After the failure of Iran negotiations and the rebirth of the Republican hawk, Hagel’s dismissal barely registers.

DoD photo by Master Sgt. Adrian Cadiz / Released

Hagel Didn’t Torch the Middle East

The same warmongers crowing over Hagel’s departure are the ones who broke the world’s order.

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Five Myths That Keep America in the Middle East

Is the U.S. a force for regional stability? Do we have real allies? Here are the hard truths.

illustration by Michael Hogue

JFK’s Special Relationship

Prime Minister Harold Macmillan managed Britain’s decline by following Kennedy’s lead.

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Ukraine in the Aftermath of Maidan

One year after the first protests, Western interests and Ukrainian lives have been sacrificed at the altar of democratic idealism.

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Libya and the Tides of History

Thinking in terms of narrative satisfaction can blind us to the reality of conditions that will actually determine the outcome


The Wall Street Journal Packs for Endless War

Hawks misread the election’s results as a mandate for world-wide intervention.

America Regains the Oil Weapon

Fracking has put fossil fuel power politics back in U.S. hands.

Can We Hurt the Islamic State?

Punitive raids won’t destroy ISIS—but they don’t have to.

Obama’s Legacy Will Be With Iran

Peace with Tehran could do for Obama what war with Germany did for FDR.

Chickens**t Nation?

The Netanyahu government accurately reflects the tenor of Israeli public opinion.

Revenge of the COIN Doctrine

John Nagl’s counterinsurgency failed its way to popularity before, and is now trying to make a comeback.

The Implosion of the Labour Party

A party can neglect its core supporters for only so long before they give up and move on to an alternative.

An Economist Visits the West Bank

Israel’s choking of the Palestinian economy is unlike anything else in the world.

How America Recruits for ISIS

The disjointed U.S. war against the Islamic State only gives it a perfect adversary to elevate its own standing.

Who’s Afraid of Ebola?

Contra David Brooks, fear of the virus stems from statist failures and mortal anxiety—not societal isolation.