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Castro’s Last Hurrah

Today even dictators have to deliver—and Marxism-Leninism never will.

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Don’t Watch “The Interview”

The film isn’t just dumb—it’s mindlessly insensitive to an intensely suffering people.

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Neoconservatism’s Theory Gap

Bret Stephens adds to the pile of thin attempts to justify America’s global policing.

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Obama’s Cuba Opportunity

After 50 years of perfect policy failure, the U.S. has a political opening to help a reforming Cuba prosper.

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Can Putin Survive a Full-Scale Ruble Crisis?

And if he can’t, what becomes of “Putinism”?

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The Global Rise of Putinism

Socially conservative nationalist strong men take the reins of power as the world turns away from liberal values.

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No Hobbits Here

An Aussie considers the virtues and vices of New Zealand.


Don’t Risk War With Russia

Washington rushes to court open conflict with Moscow against every rational interest.

A Foreign Policy of Russophobia

The House passes an anti-Russian resolution steeped in falsehoods and superpower hypocrisy.

Europe’s Conchita Wurst Consensus

Non-Western nations have mastered the art of feigning liberalism in exchange for economic and military favor.

Ferguson Is Not Palestine

Nothing could please the Likud coalition more than to see the Palestinian cause linked to the Ferguson rioters.

COIN Is a Proven Failure

America risks shoveling more troops into Iraq to replicate a strategy that never worked in the first place.

Iran: We Need to Talk

To deter Tehran’s nuclear ambitions, Senate Republicans face a choice between international law and the law of unintended consequences.

Canada’s Patriot Act Moment

Stephen Harper leverages his country’s post-attack period to expand the surveillance state and exacerbate radicalization.

A Bleak Foreign Policy November

After the failure of Iran negotiations and the rebirth of the Republican hawk, Hagel’s dismissal barely registers.

Hagel Didn’t Torch the Middle East

The same warmongers crowing over Hagel’s departure are the ones who broke the world’s order.

Five Myths That Keep America in the Middle East

Is the U.S. a force for regional stability? Do we have real allies? Here are the hard truths.