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A Bridge to Nowhere in the Greater Middle East

The killing of a Taliban leader is ‘an important milestone.’ But toward what?

Whitby Abbey at sunset in North Yorkshire, England. (Roman Babakin / Shutterstock)

Will There Always Be England?

Britons have a chance to reassume control of their national destiny—and their borders.

Aircraft return from Scarborough Shoal interoperability mission. (U.S. Air Force photo)

Why Fight China for Scarborough Shoal?

If we must take a stand against the People’s Republic, a trade war is preferable to military conflict.

John Mearsheimer. (ShawingtonTimes / Twitter)

Out of the Cold War?

Realists are raising big questions about the state of U.S. grand strategy.

U.S. Embassy, Georgia

Clinton’s Hawk-in-Waiting

If Hillary wins the White House, expect Victoria Nuland to be at her side.

Juan E. Diaz / U.S. Navy

Our Snapchat Wars

There are things we’ve forgotten that couldn’t matter more.


A Mideast Reality Check

Disengagement is not an option. But ungrateful client states must not be allowed to undercut U.S. interests.


Washington’s Terrorism as Usual

The foreign-policy establishment marks 15 years of failure in the War on Terror.

Trump’s Realpolitik

The history of foreign-policy realism suggests that the GOP frontrunner may be more pragmatic than his critics claim.

Can Congress Stop Saudi Arms Sales?

With the Kingdom losing diplomatic favor, Capitol Hill can end a reckless policy.

Brexit and the Lessons of American Federalism

The British people must decide whether the risk of Leviathan outweighs the benefits of centralization.

Who Started the Second Cold War?

U.S. and NATO military forces line the Russian border, yet Washington is surprised when Putin reacts.

Ireland’s Easter Wars

How Irish independence was baptized in blood

Gitmo Is Forever

Opportunities remain to close Guantanamo Bay’s prison and restore American justice, but time is running out.

The Cost of Obsolete Alliances

Before handing out more blank checks, consider whether existing war guarantees are in the national interest.

Charity for Francis!

On the very conservative, and very Catholic, principles underlying Pope Francis’s new apostolic exhortation.

Government Hackers, Inc.

The revelation that an Israeli firm cracked the iPhone raises questions about state-corporate espionage.