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Who’s Afraid of Ebola?

Contra David Brooks, fear of the virus stems from statist failures and mortal anxiety—not societal isolation.

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John McCain’s Terrorists

Telling friends from enemies in Iraq and Syria is largely a matter of guesswork.

U.S. Air Force photo / Master Sgt. Cecilio Ricardo

The Militias Win Iraq

The official government military is now dependent on Shia death squads to save Baghdad.

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Obama Isn’t a Synthesis of McGovern and Kissinger

Hawks need Obama to be some hybrid holdover from the 1970s, because they are still arguing with their old opponents from forty years ago.

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Bush Derangement Syndrome

What’s behind the right’s embarrassing reaction to a Times report on chemical weapons in Iraq?

Sheik Abdullah Sami Obeidi, a Sunni Arab tribal leader, signs declaration of support for the Sons of Iraq program, 2008. DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Samuel Bendet, U.S. Air Force.

Why Sunnis Won’t Fight ISIS

They were abandoned after the Awakening, and won’t trust the U.S again, dooming America’s new effort in Iraq.

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Common Sense Calls for Ebola Flight Bans

Ideological paralysis prevents U.S. officials from shutting down flights from Ebola-afflicted countries.


Seven Worst-Case Scenarios for Iraq

The American war against ISIS could backfire with nearly every interested party.

Arming Rebels Doesn’t Work

Obama’s decision and Congress’ recent vote to provide arms and training to the “moderate” opposition now look even worse than they already did.

The Middle East Doesn’t Matter

Neither ISIS nor any of America’s fair-weather allies are worth the price of the U.S.’s deepening regional commitments.

Why Iraq’s American-Trained Army Failed

U.S. policymakers’ paternalism broke Iraqi institutions and established a military kleptocracy.

No Hobbits Here

An Aussie considers the virtues and vices of New Zealand.

JFK’s Special Relationship

Harold and Jack: The Remarkable Friendship of Prime Minister Macmillan and President Kennedy, Christopher Sandford, Prometheus Books, 332 pages

Lions of Europe

This article from the November/December issue hasn’t yet been published online. For …

Why “Limited” Wars Fail

Fighting wars with insufficient means is a tacit admission that almost no one genuinely believes that these wars are necessary for U.S. security.

Turkey’s Conditions for Joining the ISIS War Are Unacceptable

Turkey is trying to use the war against ISIS to keep pursuing the misguided goal of regime change in Syria.

The Iraqi Army Never Was

Careerist U.S. generals touted a toothless military consumed from the start by corruption and split loyalties.