Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

The Pentagon Fights Back

The White House emphasis on humanitarianism may be turning some military leaders against Obama.

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Is Trump a Realist?

His improv foreign policy may infuriate hawks, but ultimately it lacks coherence.

U.S. Embassy, Berlin. AR Pictures /

How to Prevent Another Benghazi

The U.S. needs committed intelligence officers, not ticket-punching careerists.

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Refugees, Rubble, Repeat

In an unpredictable year, the persistence of devastation is a constant.

Angel GurrĂ­a, Secretary-General,of the OECD, speaks at Davos. World Economic Forum/Flickr

Davos Man Meets Donald Trump

The forced globalization of the West discredited liberalism, and the populist-nationalist reaction has arrived.

"Winter Landscape" by Joos de Momper the Younger via Walters Art Museum Wikimedia Commons. The 1620s in the heart of the Little Ice Age.

History and the Limits of the Climate Consensus

Acknowledging the science of global warming does not require accepting that it is immune to criticism.

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Where Is the Foreign Policy Debate in 2016?

The Charles Koch Institute brings a much needed discussion to New Hampshire.


Iran’s Revolutionaries Follow the China Model

The ayatollah realizes that his regime’s survival depends on avoiding conflict.

The U.S. and Iran Step Back from the Brink

The Naval seizure brought back bad memories, but was not a reason for war.

Will Congress Stop the Iran Deal?

Long after the nuclear agreement was settled, opponents are undermining an already fragile peace.

Unmaking England

Will immigration demolish in decades a nation built over centuries?

North Korea and Entangling Alliances

Why the U.S. should reconsider war guarantees in Asia and elsewhere.

An Enduring Domain for Peace has opposed unnecessary wars since Bosnia in 1995.

Terror Experts Flounder on ISIS

When it comes to the Islamic State, the establishment still doesn’t have any long-term answers.

The Distortion of Russia

One does not need to love Vladimir Putin to appreciate that Washington shares interests with Moscow.

Saudi Recklessness Exposes Our Own

Guarantees made during the Cold War should not endanger America’s interests today.

Stuck in the Middle East

Offshore balancing is the right strategy, if Obama has the courage for it.