DoD photo by Cherie A. Thurlby

Is Iraq Becoming America’s Gaza?

Netanyahu and Obama substitute endless war for failed occupations.

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Scotland Carries the Global Flag of Secession

Independence movements are gaining traction across the globe.

Kurdistan4all / cc

The Case Against a Unified Kurdistan

Encouraging Kurdish secession would only spread regional chaos and strife to those few places still free of it.

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

Obama’s ISIS Plan Fails to Match Reality

The president’s strategy couldn’t convince U.S. allies, and shouldn’t persuade Americans.


Mowing the Grass in Iraq

Sound familiar?

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Rand Paul and “Isolationist” Name-Calling

A response to Commentary‘s Seth Mandel

illustration by Michael Hogue

Absurd in Afghanistan

The Islamic world needs Avicenna, not America.


France Needs the Mistral Deal More Than Russia

NATO pressure puts the contract on ice—to François Hollande’s dismay and Marine Le Pen’s delight.

Obama Makes a Reckless Bluff

Giving Estonia an American war guarantee abandons Cold War wisdom and puts our fate in Russia’s hands.

Scottish Independence and “Anti-Politics Sentiment”

The U.K. may soon be dissolved because unionists don’t have the first clue how to argue their case effectively.

Only Cool Heads Can Defeat ISIS

U.S. policy should be designed to do the maximum damage to ISIS and the least damage to us.

Does the CIA Believe Obama?

Intelligence pros are far more skeptical of government claims than their bosses let on.

Washington Puzzled as Putin Doesn’t Back Down

On hawkish autopilot, America’s leaders ignore the obvious off-ramp to the escalating Ukraine crisis.

How to Not Lose to ISIS

Supporting committed allies is the only way to avoid fatally Americanizing another civil war.

A Peaceful Path Forward for Ukraine

NATO should make clear to Kiev that membership is off the table, and negotiations are the answer.

How Obama’s Non-Strategy ISIS Strategy Works

More U.S. involvement would mean less incentive for the Saudis, Turks, and other regional powers to combat the Islamic State.

Catastrophism as an Obstacle to Peace

Apocalyptic ideas about Israel’s future only feed extremism and hinder compromise.