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Has Hillary Ever Been Right?

Clinton’s continued hawkish errors provide an opportunity to rethink our Syria strategy.

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How Oil Rules Iraq

From the ISIS insurgency to Kurdish independence, Iraqi politics depend on who controls the crude.

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Why 2014 Isn’t (and Shouldn’t Be) a Foreign Policy Election

The preoccupation with foreign conflicts is almost entirely an elite concern.

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ISIS, the Neocons, and Obama’s Choices

Confronting the new Islamic State requires reevaluating old alliances and enemies.

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Three Steps To a More Restrained Foreign Policy

How to set America on a different course.

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A Realist’s Guide to Grand Strategy

Barry Posen presents a foreign policy playbook that appeals to the war-weary while still projecting strength.

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Realism on ISIS

The rise of the Islamic State is upending U.S. policy toward Syria and Iran as hawks push for a wider war.


7 Ways to Make 2014 Less Like 1914

East Asia’s potential for war can be reduced by finally learning the lessons of the last century.

How Washington Enabled ISIS

The post-9/11 al-Qaeda obsession ignored Saudi and Pakistani support for Sunni terror.

Putin’s Right Flank

The recently relieved Igor Strelkov represents an ultra-conservative challenge to Russia’s president.

Israel’s Information Ops

When Tel Aviv goes to war, universities and activists are organized to beat back the bad news.

Thirty Years Without Peace

The two world wars were a single conflict that still imperils us.

Absurd in Afghanistan

The Islamic world needs Avicenna, not America.

Is There Terror on the Border?

The Case for Hailsham

Quintin Hogg brandished babies and wrote the book on conservatism

What Does Human Evolution Explain?

A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race, and Human History, Nicholas Wade, Penguin Press, 288 pages

Is There Capitalism After Cronyism?

Does Capitalism Have a Future?, Immanuel Wallerstein, Randall Collins, Michael Mann, Georgi
Derluguian, and Craig Calhoun, Oxford University Press, 208 pages