(Photo by U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer Joshua Treadwell) (Released)

March of the Imperial Senators

John McCain and Lindsey Graham try to rewrite history to vindicate the Iraq war, and blame Obama for ISIS.

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Why American Allies Won’t Fight

The time of the true believer is at hand In the Middle East, where men won’t die for secular Western values.


Hawks and Bad Historical Analogies

When it comes to citing false analogies as a substitute for policy argument, hawks are almost always the offenders.


Misrepresenting the War on Yemen

Misreading Yemen’s internal conflict as a proxy war instigated by Iran is as wrong as it gets.


Israel and Nonproliferation

Israel doesn’t have to worry about any consequences for its blatant and public efforts to derail a major U.S. diplomatic initiative.

Report: Turkey and the U.S. Agree to Give Syrian Rebels Air Support

Syria hawks may finally be getting their deranged wish.

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Why Congress Shouldn’t Authorize the War on ISIS

If the war remains unauthorized, it could be easier to end U.S. involvement.


What the Fall of Ramadi Means

The Middle East is a mess of disintegrating states, far beyond America’s ability to heal.

The World Isn’t Better Off Because of the Iraq War

Only a fanatic could look at the devastation wrought by the Iraq war conclude that the world is better place because of it.

The Disastrous Economics of Scottish Independence

The SNP’s huge electoral gains do not change the monetary math that would collapse an autonomous Scotland.

How Was Bin Laden Killed?

Seymour Hersh’s sources tell a more believable story than the self-serving official White House narrative.

The New Lie About Iraq

What we knew in 2003 didn’t make the case for war—a campaign of hype and deceit did.

The Debtor’s Road to Peace and Prosperity

How borrowing nations have built power and wealth of their own

Why Soldiers Lie

Our generals are better at bureaucratic infighting than war fighting.

Why Attack Syria?

Launching a new war against Damascus would undermine every U.S. interest in the region.

Rubio’s Predictable, Ideological CFR Speech

This is not a “doctrine” anyone should want to follow.

The Myth of the Inevitable War

History should caution the United States from believing that armed conflict with “perpetual” enemies is unavoidable.