Today’s Essential Foreign Affairs Reads

A daily roundup of foreign affairs news for Monday, March 27.

Russiagate’s Unasked Questions

Comey’s testimony settles nothing.

Will Congress Finally Reassert Its War Powers?

For the first time in decades, new legislation aims to curtail presidential prerogatives.

Big Steel Is the New Solyndra

There is nothing subtle about the Trump administration’s pro-steel bent.

Could the President Spy on His Political Opponents?

Under the government’s current interpretation of the law, unfortunately, the answer is yes.

Prepare, Pursue, Prevail!

Onward and upward with U.S. Central Command.

We Can’t ‘Win’ Afghanistan

The U.S. doesn’t have enough troops to run a successful counterinsurgency campaign there.


Will Russiagate Backfire?

The hacking scandal may hurt the left the most.

Saudi Arabia’s Brutal and Futile War in Yemen Turns Two

The war has failed to achieve any of its aims.

Can Trump Handle North Korea?

The complex situation will require discerning what is fiction—and what is reality.

The Case for Talking to North Korea

All diplomatic options should be exhausted before considering the use of military force.

U.S. Should Favor the Most Vulnerable Religious Refugees

The purpose is not to discriminate against Islam, but to recognize the unique situation of non-Muslims in the Middle East.

The Dangerous Reality of an Iran War

A new war in the Persian Gulf could start accidentally—and would take a toll on U.S. forces.

Mission Creep in Syria

Why are U.S. soldiers now acting as peacekeepers?

A Soft Coup, or Preserving Our Democracy?

Something’s happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear.

Is Turkey Lost to the West?

Only time—and the outcome of upcoming European elections—will tell.

The Rise of the Dwarf

Polish populism overwhelms the establishment.