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Keep the ISIS Threat in Perspective

The savagery of the Islamic State and its rivals in terror far outstrips their historically limited lethality.

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Brent Scowcroft: Realist Republican

Can today’s GOP produce foreign-policy minds as wise as the one revealed in this biography of Bush I’s national-security adviser?

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Netanyahu and the Crumbling Israeli Lobby

Support for the Likud prime minister’s hardline policies is fading among American Jews and Christians alike.

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Iran Talks at a Crossroads

It matters that the two most recent preventive wars fought by the U.S. achieved nearly the opposite of their original aims.

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Cuba Is a Diplomatic Cautionary Tale

A half-century of inconsistent and ineffective U.S. behavior towards Havana provides a model of how not to conduct foreign policy.

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The GOP Marches to Endless War

ISIS wants America at war with the world, and the Republican Party is all too eager to comply.

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Raising Babies in Adult-Land

Why an age-integrated community is important for human flourishing


Netanyahu’s Blind Spot

Full of hubris, Bibi fails to realize that Israel is not as popular as it once was.

Pessimism Has No Place In American Foreign Policy Debate

But that doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

Paranoia Strikes U.S. Intelligence

The drive to “do something” pushes the NSC and FBI to take extreme responses to Charlie Hebdo.

Abu Ghraib Goes to Court

Victims of the private contractors responsible for the Iraq war’s worst prison abuses are finally being granted standing to sue.

Remembering the Disgraceful Libyan War

The supporters of this disgraceful and unnecessary war have faced no backlash or much serious criticism.

What Ike Can Teach Obama

In the 1956 Suez Crisis, Eisenhower recognized that America’s interests did not lie with blind and unconditional support of an ally.

Putin Is Better Than Brezhnev

America should be able to cooperate on matters of mutual interest with a far less threatening Kremlin.

What Kind of War Does the AUMF Authorize?

The ISIS intervention may defy limits—and some in Congress don’t believe it should have any.

A Beginner’s Guide to ISIS

The Atlantic dives deep into the ideological soul of the Islamic State.

ISIS Should Ring an Arab Alarm

The Islamic State’s former supporters should now understand the existential threat it poses to them.