Official Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Mark Fayloga

A Syrian No-Fly Zone Means War

Hawks rush to challenge Russia to an unconstitutional conflict over the skies of Damascus

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The Republican Revival of Romney’s Foreign Policy

The Hay Initiative encourages GOP candidates to sing from Mitt’s old hymnal.

Photo Office of the Russian President

Syria and the Danger of Moral Imperialism

Putin asserts that nations have a right to be themselves.

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Why Eastern Europe Rejects Refugee Quotas

Former communist countries chafe under EU demands—and resent the Mideast mess created by the U.S.

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Britain’s Botched Child Abuse Scandal

Scotland Yard feeds a media frenzy against top politicians by publicizing salacious and anonymous accusations.

Photo Office of the Russian President

The Logic of Putin’s Syria Campaign

Russia’s president cuts through the Beltway groupthink in explaining his country’s interests.

Photo Office of the Russian President

The New Nationalist World Order

Pope Francis and President Obama preach globalism, while Chinese, Russians, and Europeans put their own interests first.


The Messy Legacy of Kissinger’s Middle East Interventions

How Nixon’s top diplomat inadvertently radicalized the Muslim world’s petrostates.

How Republican Primaries Create More Pentagon Pork

Military reformers debunk the defense establishment wishlists embraced by Fiorina and other hawks.

The Long Decline of Canadian Conservatism

Fifty years ago, Red Tory George Grant predicted the confederation’s embrace of multiculturalism and technocracy.

The Fading Chinese Dream

Throughout his U.S. visit, President Xi Jinping will be carrying baggage—declining fortunes back home.

Francis Arrives Amid Moral Crisis

America and the Catholic church both risk buckling under the pressures of liberal modernity.

Who Wins If Damascus Falls?

Putin prepares to keep ISIS from power, while U.S. hawks rush to pave its way.

The Quiet Grand Strategy of Barack Obama

Are the president’s diplomatic initiatives winning a new American Century?

A New Way Forward for American Foreign Policy

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Germany’s Coming Demographic Revolution

Islamization was once overblown, but this time Europe may actually see radical change.

The Optimism of the Cross in the Face of Genocide

Reflecting on this year’s In Defense of Christians summit—without Ted Cruz