Realism & Restraint

Trump Needs to Put Up or Shut Up on Russian Arms Race

If he doesn’t, the nuclear buildup he so callously advocates will become a reality, with Moscow several laps ahead.

Rediscovering the Art of Diplomacy With Vladimir Putin

Trump has the opportunity for his greatest foreign policy accomplishment yet.

How U.S. Iran Policy Hurts Iran and America

It started with the Iraq War, which enlarged Iran’s regional power.

Forget War: Containment is the Best Way to Deal With North Korea

If it worked during the high stakes of the Cold War, it can work now, too.

Did Trump Really Hand Asia to China During the Kim Summit?

Beijing policymakers may not be as happy as the headline writers think.

Confronting America the Torturer

Despite Gina Haspel’s promises, we are in real danger of further excursions into the dark side.

Trump Will Never Get a Better Deal With Iran

And any agreement with North Korea will probably look like the JCPOA he despises.

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Why Foreign Policy Realism Isn’t Enough

Realists need to provide something more than cold balances of power: a sense of morality.

In Afghanistan, Hoping the 17th General is the Charm

How many times are we going to say “he’s the one” in this failing war?

The Saudi Lobby’s Scheme to Destroy the Iran Deal

They gave Obama their tepid approval, then poured millions into a three-year campaign to kill it—and won.

Washington’s Pax Americana Cartel

How can you trust an establishment that so easily succumbs to fantasies of global hegemony and go-it-alone militarism?

Europe’s Counterpunch to America Over the Iran Deal

Donald Trump has shaken our transatlantic relationships to their foundations. Now the Europeans are fighting back.

Rand Paul: Congress Moves to Give the President Unlimited War Powers

In a TAC exclusive, the Kentucky senator warns the new AUMF is a massive abdication by the legislative branch.

Afghan Futility and the Not-So-Curious Case of Lieutenant Jordan Rich

Want to know why we failed in Afghanistan? Ask a soldier who was tasked with solving everything.

Paul Ryan Blames Defense Budget for Military Accidents

Interestingly, there were more deaths when spending was at an all-time high.

Too Many Foreign Policy Double Standards Hurt U.S. Credibility

The hypocrisy is especially evident in Washington’s approach to Saudi Arabia and other Middle East ‘allies.’

John Bolton: In Search of Carthage

He rejects the Founders’ wisdom on foreign policy in favor of something more brutal and Roman.