Realism & Restraint

Will America Partition Syria?

U.S. strategy seems to be shifting toward creating a buffer state between Iran and Israel.

Egypt and the End of the Secular Middle East

When a state is destroyed, we have little idea what will grow from its ruins.

Does China Have a Secret Solution for North Korea?

A client state in North Korea is infinitely preferable to Kim Jung-un’s regime.

17 Rules for Foreign Interventions

Lessons from America’s lost wars

Liberalism in One Country

Since World War II, the globalist agenda has reigned. Is it time to strengthen democracy at home?

The Troubling Legacy of World War I

A century after the U.S. entered the conflict, its destabilizing effects are still apparent.

Brexit Is a Victory for Democracy

When elites govern for themselves—not the national interest—a populist backlash is a good thing.

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For the first time in decades, new legislation aims to curtail presidential prerogatives.

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A new war in the Persian Gulf could start accidentally—and would take a toll on U.S. forces.

Reagan Redux at the Pentagon

Why Trump is attracted to Cold War tactics, including big defense spending

How to Engage North Korea

Isolation has failed. Talking might help.

Why Are Women in Combat?

The Pentagon cares less about equal rights and more about maintaining recruiting for endless wars.

Making France Great Again

The nationalism of Cardinal Richelieu still inspires the French.

How Trump Can Defeat ISIS

Attacking Iran will not win the war on terror. Working with Russia and Syria might.

State of Irrelevance

Secretary Tillerson will lead diplomats increasingly on the sidelines of foreign-policy decisions.

What Was ‘America First’?

There were some anti-Semites in the original movement. But the movement was not about anti-Semitism.