Realism & Restraint

Watch Full Video of TAC’s Foreign Policy Conference

Leading scholars, journalists, and policy experts debate the outlook for realism & restraint in the Trump era.

Bringing Back the Draft Won’t Stop Unnecessary Wars

In fact, history suggests just the opposite.

I Fought a War Against Iran—and It Ended Badly

My colleagues and I tested a hypothetical conflict in a wargame. We need to make sure it never becomes reality.

McCain’s Anti-Trump Broadside a Half-Baked Brief For Empire

What does “spurious nationalism” really mean?

The Deep Unfairness of America’s All-Volunteer Force

Children of the elites fight in disproportionately small numbers. Does that lead to more war?

After Nine Months, Only Stale Crumbs in Russia Inquiry

The ‘briefing’ is just another exercise in preferred narrative boosting.

When Did Congress Vote to Aid the Saudi’s Yemen War?

Lawmakers use War Powers Act to finally question legality of U.S. involvement.

MORE IN Realism & Restraint

Ken Burns’s ‘Vietnam War’ is No Profile in Courage

Celebrated filmmaker continues tradition of avoiding inconvenient truths.

Where Are the Brave Military Voices Against Forever War?

Today, my peers are silent.

16 Years After 9/11 Our Patriotism Remains ‘Uninformed’

Understanding Jihad was never a priority; and it shows.

Lack of Money is Not What Caused Fatal Ship Collisions

The problems in today’s Navy are more systemic than that.

Will the Real GOP Non-Interventionists Stand up?

Today’s struggle for ‘America First’ foreign policy on Capitol Hill.

After 16 Years of War, Afghanistan Still World’s Heroin Supplier

Drug epidemic here, failing counter-narcotics efforts there.

How the Brass Talked Another President Into a Losing Strategy

Despite tough talk, Trump approach on Afghanistan is no different than 2009.

Trashing the Conventional Wisdom on North Korea

Three steps toward solving the current crisis.

Yes Congress, Afghanistan is Your Vietnam

Does any member have the courage and vision to take responsibility?

Don’t Whitewash the Hiroshima Bombing

It reveals a dangerous strain of vengeance in U.S. foreign policy.