Trump Signals Break From ‘Globaloney’ Transnationalism

If we do not end this interventionist addiction, it will end our republic.

Is ‘White Resentment’ a Scapegoat for Democrats’ Decline?

While Ta-Nehisi Coates claims racists elected Trump, the votes suggest otherwise.

Eric Foner’s Artful Finesse on Lee Statues

Rubbing out history—even ‘metaphorically’—won’t help us understand it.

Is Tom Cotton’s Inner Realist Struggling to Get Out?

Hawkish senator raised eyebrows with talk of ‘endless wars.’

Who in the White House Decided to Wiretap Manafort?

Trump may have been right about Obama efforts to derail campaign.

Gun Control Lobby Eviscerates College Carry Law

What use is there for protection if weapons are locked away?

If Milo is New Face of American Right We’re in Trouble

All red meat and no substance makes for a vapid messenger.

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Where Liberals and Conservatives are Wrong About the Constitution

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GOP immigration measure requires over 100,000 hours of spy flights a year.

‘What Happened’? Hillary Cherry-Picks Through Historic Loss

Her book’s glaring omissions and gloss-overs weaken the official autopsy.