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After the Election, the Real Fights Arrive

From amnesty to Anbar, November will bring postponed political arguments to a boil.

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2014 Senate Predictions

Republicans have underperformed in Senate races in the last two elections and could do the same thing again.

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Don’t Fall for Purple GOP Pickups in the Northeast

Embracing an elite-friendly economic agenda at the expense of social issues is a recipe for national irrelevance.

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How to Stop Ebola at the Border

Revoking visas from affected countries can protect the U.S. without isolating nations in need.

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Rick Perry Gives Hawks a Blank Slate

Inexperience is a presidential qualification for those eager to dictate their own foreign policy.

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How Rand Paul Threatens Left and Right

Libertarian-inflected conservatism challenges entrenched political coalitions with a transpartisan appeal.

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The Economic Case for Marriage

New data suggests marriage leads to “for richer” more often than we realize.

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American Machiavelli

James Burnham reveals how our oligarchy rules.

Here’s How Rand Paul’s Conservative Realism Could Change the GOP

A real alternative to the hyper-hawkishness that has dominated foreign policy thinking for decades.

The Collapse of American Competence

Americans’ public confidence has evaporated along with the competency of their institutions.

The Pluses and Minuses of Rand Paul’s Foreign Policy

Paul’s speech was an improvement over previous efforts, but he left too many questions unanswered.

Paul’s Foreign Policy Speech

The main difficulty for Paul tonight will be to square his larger argument for foreign policy restraint with his support for the current war against ISIS.

The Immorality of American Exceptionalism

A nation cannot be excepted from moral standards any more than an individual.

Obama’s Big Ebola Wager

The main job of Ebola “tsar” Ron Klain should be to save the White House from its own political tone-deafness.

Obama Isn’t a Synthesis of McGovern and Kissinger

Hawks need Obama to be some hybrid holdover from the 1970s, because they are still arguing with their old opponents from forty years ago.

Purple Is the Worst Color in Today’s Politics

The socially moderate fiscal austerian is respectable to elite media even as he wrecks the economy’s recovery.

Obama Is a Republican

He’s the heir to Richard Nixon, not Saul Alinsky.