General Election

The Upcoming Battle For Upscale Whites

Playing around with my favorite new general election toy.

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How Republicans Can Still Say No to Trump

At the convention, delegates make the rules.

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Why We Need Limits

Voters may be wrong to choose Trump—but they’re not wrong in believing we need borders in our society once more.

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The Idolatry of the Donald

Trump is the natural product of American civil religion.

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Donald Trump, Presumptive Nominee

Voters long frustrated by establishment positions on trade and immigration found their voice.

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Trump’s Realpolitik

The history of foreign-policy realism suggests that the GOP frontrunner may be more pragmatic than his critics claim.

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Can Congress Stop Saudi Arms Sales?

With the Kingdom losing diplomatic favor, Capitol Hill can end a reckless policy.

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The Donald is a liberal—just like Ronald Reagan was.

A Return to the National Interest

Trump’s foreign-policy speech drew from an older, better Republican tradition.

Trump’s Foreign Policy Contradictions Should Sound Familiar

As he tries to be more “Presidential,” the substance of Trump’s foreign policy gets less distinctive.

Baseless Speculation of the Day: a Cruz-Fiorina Third Party Bid

At least I’m giving you something new to talk about.

How Over Is The GOP Primary Race?

This over.

Why Kasich Flopped

He has no one to blame but himself for his failure to snap up foreign-policy moderates.

Hillary Is Still Fighting

Sanders has a mandate to push for a more progressive platform at the Democratic convention.

Memo to the Chairman

If the Joint Chiefs are sick of losing, try a defensive grand strategy.