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The Conservative Case for Criminal Justice Reform

Restoring equal opportunity to all Americans depends on reforming America’s judicial systems.

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Assisted Suicide and “Reasonable Medical Judgment”

California’s new euthanasia law seems already ripe for abuse

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The Republican Revival of Romney’s Foreign Policy

The Hay Initiative encourages GOP candidates to sing from Mitt’s old hymnal.

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How Red Was My Hollywood

In an age grappling with class, race, identity, and the Great Depression, many artists flirted with the left.

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Criminal Justice Reform Steps Out of the Shadows

Conservatives of every stripe sign on to a landmark blow struck against mass incarceration.

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Uber Exposes the Dark Side of Urban Progressivism

Why New York’s mayor declared war on a popular car service.

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How Republican Primaries Create More Pentagon Pork

Military reformers debunk the defense establishment wishlists embraced by Fiorina and other hawks.

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The CIA’s Torture Defenders

An all-star cast teams up to spin their enhanced interrogation regime.

How Lenin Beat Reagan

The USSR is gone—but its ethos lives on at Fox News.

The Debates and Republican Foreign Policy

The terrible state of Republican foreign policy was on full display last night.

Mourning the Army I Knew

Whether or not women serve in elite military units, declining standards have hurt a great institution.

What Televised Debates Wrought

How TV (and makeup) have changed our political discourse

The Optimism of the Cross in the Face of Genocide

Reflecting on this year’s In Defense of Christians summit—without Ted Cruz

The Humor and Candor of Stephen Colbert

What the “Late Show” host could accomplish in 2016

Kim Davis and the Rise of Right-Wing Civil Disobedience

Middle America’s residual respect for the Supreme Court’s decisions is running out.