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Bernie Sanders Gets His Gun

Is the Second Amendment only for conservatives?

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Unlikely Working Class Warriors

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump rise because their parties have abandoned Middle America.

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Marco Rubio Invades the World

From Yemen to Ukraine, the Florida senator wants war.

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Obergefell and the Pursuit of Happiness

Relying more on the Declaration than the Constitution, the Court followed Loving’s precedent understandably.

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What’s the Future of Agriculture?

Considering vat-grown meats, locavore conquest, and not-for-profit farming

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The Six Axioms of Politico-Judicial Logic

How every opinion stated on social media about Supreme Court decisions can be clearly derived

Official Supreme Court portrait of Justice Anthony Kennedy

A Divided Country Under Kennedy’s Constitution

A constitutional right to gay marriage joins abortion in the stages of America’s Gramscian revolution.

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Dylann Roof’s Political Isolation

What this racial terrorist has in common with Nidal Hasan, Baruch Goldstein, and Anders Breivik—and what’s different in America.

Obama Won’t Demilitarize Police

White House claims of de-escalation are merely misdirection.

Has the Sustainable Food Movement Failed?

Despite demands for a more humane agriculture, factory farms are bigger than ever.

Out With the Old Parties and Politicians

A Trump candidacy would be yet another sign of total popular disaffection with the consensus governing elite.

Israel Battles the Boycotts

The BDS movement is now drawing official opposition from Tel Aviv and its American allies.

Washington Prepares to Fight for Donetsk (and Ignore Baltimore)

Neoconservatives big on “toughness” would rather pick fights with Putin than address the hard law-and-order issues that founded their movement.