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What’s Conservatism Without Liberty?

Dick Cheney and Jennifer Rubin aim to purge the freedom movement from the right—leaving nothing but authoritarianism.

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Don’t Watch “The Interview”

The film isn’t just dumb—it’s mindlessly insensitive to an intensely suffering people.

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The Worst General Election Ever

Get your wrists ready for Bush v. Clinton

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The Bushes Just Won’t Go Away

Nothing conveys a message of staleness and intellectual bankruptcy like yet another Bush dynasty revival.

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How Far Can Elizabeth Warren Go?

The Democratic Party’s favorite populist now basks in media and netroots favor, but would face real 2016 obstacles.

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Who the Party Culture Hurts Most

No matter Jackie’s story, the UVA case should bring college party rape culture under scrutiny.

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What the Torture Report Is Missing

The Senate’s investigation may only be the tip of the iceberg.

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What Jonathan Gruber Got Right

Even when conservatives win at the ballot box, liberalism obtains victories by other means.

Cruz’s Problems Inside the GOP Go Beyond the “Establishment”

Large numbers of party actors deeply dislike Cruz for reasons that go beyond policy disagreements.

Torture Is Also Big Government

Conservatives must be as committed to exposing the CIA’s abuses as Obamacare’s.

No Tears For TNR

America’s foreign-policy debate will be improved without “even the liberal New Republic” holding Democrats’ feet to the neoconservative fire.

Inquiries Aren’t the Answer to Eric Garner

Changing the structures that unleash excessive police lethality will require more than DOJ investigations.

Civil Liberties Lose a Champion

Mark Udall fought for privacy and against Iraq, and can expose CIA torture in his final days in the Senate.

Grand Strategy Is Bunk

Theories of global power just excuse U.S. hubris.

Jeb Bush’s Victory Plan

Bushes can certainly win the Republican nomination, but they have to do it by getting primary voters to forget that they are Bushes.

Iran: We Need to Talk

To deter Tehran’s nuclear ambitions, Senate Republicans face a choice between international law and the law of unintended consequences.

Federalism Can Still Save Religious Liberty

In an America divided over sex and marriage, devolution is once again the best solution.