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Another Avenue Closed for the Pro-Life Movement

The Supreme Court shuts down aggressive clinic regulations.


Brexit and the Wailing of the Anglo-American Commentariat

Are they suffering a crisis of faith? Or merely the loss of relevance?

Michael Hogue

Why Trump Wins

He knows border wars have replaced culture wars.

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The Supreme Court’s Affirmative Action Confusion

A new decision doubles down on decades’ worth of dubious precedent.

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A Missed Opportunity For Libertarians

Gary Johnson and Bill Weld used an hour of prime-time television to burnish their establishment credentials.

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Has Trump Found the Formula?

Foreign-policy blunders and personal corruption make Clinton vulnerable.

Michael Hogue

Can You Trust James Madison?

A new book on the founding father complicates the Philadelphia Convention cult’s enterprise.

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Why Clinton Lost So Many Democrats

Almost half of her party—and more than two-thirds of its youth—want a different kind of liberalism.

A Syllabus for Trump U

How should professors address this year’s election in the fall semester?

No Presidential Wars

In 2016, who will stand up for the Constitution’s foreign policy?

Why Wasteful Military Spending Never Stops

The Pentagon’s real strategy? Keeping the money flowing.

Five Myths About Blood Donation

The ban on sexually active gay men is about reducing risk, not bigotry.

A Donald Trump Survival Strategy

Whether voters choose a comic or a crook, a great reckoning is coming.

How to Defy Terror?

No ban—be it on guns, immigration, or fill-in-the-blank—will remove tragedy from our world.

My Take on Orlando

I hope the tragedy is hijacked for some worthwhile reform, but most worthwhile reforms would not have prevented it.