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Run, Mike, Run!

With most of his support coming from the left, a Bloomberg candidacy would only help Republicans.

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What I’m Hoping For Out Of New Hampshire

For Rubio to be hobbled without handing the nomination to Trump.

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The Pentagon Fights Back

The White House emphasis on humanitarianism may be turning some military leaders against Obama.

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Sanders and Trump in Very Late Capitalism

Both campaigns are criticizing the same thing, in divergent but essentially parallel ways.

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Pop Goes the Marco Bubble

The establishment was ready to rally around Rubio, but the final New Hampshire debate exposed his weaknesses.


How to Win a Presidential Primary

Candidates who don’t respect the season’s history and procedures are unlikely to make it to the finish line.

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Who Will Survive New Hampshire?

Trump still draws large crowds, but more voters should have a chance to see Christie and Kasich.

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What About Agriculture?

Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders are better on ag cronyism than their establishment rivals, but they still fall short.

Trump Still Alive After Iowa

Like the global elite he disdains, his appeal isn’t going away.

Is Trump a Realist?

His improv foreign policy may infuriate hawks, but ultimately it lacks coherence.

Jeb Won’t Challenge Rubio

Bush has lost the energy to take out his protege, as well as any pretense of foreign-policy realism.

Fetch Happens

Rubio wins round one by coming in third. What happens now?

The Establishment Wins With Rubio

Neoconservatives and business-class Republicans hope a third-place finish in Iowa is only the beginning.

The Politics of Rebellion

The next president will either be the last president of an old era, or the first president of a new era.

Stop Pandering to Veterans

Advocates for returning service members want serious engagement—not rhetoric used to score partisan points.

How Iowa Can Change New Hampshire

Not much is decided until the last few minutes of the game.

The Civil War on the Right

Trump aside, there is a deeper conflict within the GOP and conservative movement that may be irreconcilable.