The Hypocrisy and Tyranny of ‘Who We Are’

Media elites decide what “we as a people” should or shouldn’t be. Who asked you?

Nationalism or Democracy?

Some countries have declared that the former is best as long as they can preserve “the unique character of the nation.”

Chelsea Manning’s Anarchist Campaign

Her doomed Senate bid looks beyond federal policy to solve our problems.

America is Bankrupt and Republicans Couldn’t Care Less

These poseurs of fiscal responsibility are about to drive up debt to its highest levels since World War II.

Imagining an Authoritarian

Nicholas Kristof wonders if Trump is our first president with autocratic tendencies. Where has he been for the past 15 years?

Henry Clay’s Rebuke to Tom Cotton

One of them fashioned a foreign policy based on the Declaration of Independence; the other seems to think the world is too dangerous to be an American anymore.

Time for Conservatives to Break the Anti-Environmentalist Mold

They, of all people, should want to protect the planet for the living and unborn.

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Monica’s Lingering Legacy

The scandal that gave us today’s obsession with sex and power turns 20.

Trump’s Jarring Remarks Shroud Broader Immigration Questions

We have a long history of being selective over migration—and our future may depend on doing it again.

The British Satire That Explains Our Trumpian Age

“Yes, Prime Minister” is still the best political spoof around, and it has fresh relevance today.

The GOP’s Real Conflict: Lust for Power Versus Fundamental Truth

Republicans know salvation can’t be found in government—but they also want to control that same government.

Spielberg’s ‘Post’: Clumsy, Inaccurate, Anti-Trump Twaddle

The movie is badly disguised virtue signaling by Hollywood, that, as usual, warps history for its own purposes.

Neoconning the Trump White House

Washington’s well-funded web of interventionist elites is quietly populating the president’s national security circle, again.

This is Your Brain on Trump TV

The media’s coverage of presidential drama is causing us to forget what’s real—and Trump himself isn’t solely to blame.

No, Resurrecting Earmarks Won’t Make Congress Work Better

Contra Tyler Cowen, legislative gridlock was a huge problem long before pork was supposedly banned.

The Real News We Ignore at Our Peril

This is the threat to our democracy, not Fake News. And Exhibit A is our failed war in Afghanistan.

Bannonism Will Live On

Revolutions don’t die with their figureheads. Bannon’s radicalism has found a resonance it’s unlikely to lose.