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Lots of Smoke Here, Hillary

The Clinton Foundation scandal is only just beginning.

Everett Historical

Obama Goes Nuclear

To secure his diplomatic legacy, he’s leveraging his power to the extreme.

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Why The Clinton Foundation Is Gross

It’s because it’s a charity.


‘Polls Are Closed,’ They Lied

How the media nearly stole the 2000 election for Al Gore

The McLaughlin Group / YouTube

The Perseverance of John McLaughlin

The priest turned television journalist was unfailingly loyal to friends.


Welfare Reform, 20 Years Later

A success, but not an unqualified one.

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Hillary’s Neoconservatives

Her embrace of hawks is more than an electoral strategy.

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Why Millennials Have Less Faith in Democracy

Young people see through empty campaign promises on the economy and entitlements.

The Real Existential Threats of 2016

Debt, endless wars, and uncontrolled migration may destroy the republic.

Diary of an Ex-Neocon

Scott McConnell once wrote for Commentary. Later he became a Buchananite and Obamacon.

Yes, the System Is Rigged

Will Middle America ever overcome the power of the Beltway establishment?

Will Congress Stop Revenge Porn?

The “Gawker Bill” promises to distinguish between the newsworthy and merely prurient.

Why the CIA Should Brief Trump

There is a long tradition of trusting candidates with classified information.

A Tale Of Two States

What do the polls in key swing states tell us about Trump’s appeal?

Criminalizing Entrepreneurs

The regulatory state is also a prison state.

Do New Voting Rules Swing Elections?

Partisan changes may have less impact than both sides assume.

Trump’s Road Is Still Open

Despite attacks from within the Republican Party, he still faces better odds than Goldwater.