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The Post-Liberal Era

Trump promises a revolution greater than Reagan or Goldwater.

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Standing Athwart at Standing Rock

Can the president-elect broker peace between Native Americans and oil companies?


Assessing the President-Elect’s Foreign Policy Advisors

Some may argue for restraint, but is Trump willing to listen?

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Taiwan and Trump’s Nixonian Opportunity

Today’s circumstances demand different—but no less bold—diplomatic tactics.

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Trump in a China Shop

Is it “just words”? Or is he in earnest?

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Trump Campaign: ‘Platform for White Supremacists’?

What an accusation leveled against Kellyanne Conway says about the future of this country.

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Trump’s Cabinet

The appointees who matter and the the appointees who don’t.

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A Populist-Conservative Melting Pot

Trump’s staff picks reveal an interesting mix of priorities.

Trump’s Conflicts

Why the public lack of interest?

My Favorite Trump Nominee So Far

A mash-note to General James Mattis.

Do The Democrats Have To Move Right? Or Left?

Or is that the wrong question?

Who Normalized the Word, ‘Normalize?’

Time to ditch a concept that doesn’t make sense.

Giving Thanks For Trump

Looking for silver linings in the coming storm

Will Faithless Electors Cause a Constitutional Crisis?

If the Electoral College goes rogue and selects Hillary Clinton, expect the worst.

What Is ‘Ethno-Nationalism’?

It has nothing whatsoever to do with racist nationalism.

The Fake News Fake Story

Blame the media, not Moscow.

Our Bitter Elections

What happens after it’s “too late” and we’re still here?