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Brent Scowcroft: Realist Republican

Can today’s GOP produce foreign-policy minds as wise as the one revealed in this biography of Bush I’s national-security adviser?

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Netanyahu and the Crumbling Israeli Lobby

Support for the Likud prime minister’s hardline policies is fading among American Jews and Christians alike.

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Why Walker Keeps Stumbling

Walker has been elevated to the top group of candidates despite the fact he hasn’t yet earned his place there.

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Jeb Reinforces the Bush Family Resemblance

Far from being “his own man,” the former Florida governor embraces his brother’s habits and advisers.

Official Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Mark Fayloga

The GOP Marches to Endless War

ISIS wants America at war with the world, and the Republican Party is all too eager to comply.

NSA Director Admiral Michael S. Rogers, USN

The NSA Escapes Scrutiny

With Republicans now ruling Congress, any momentum for surveillance state reform has been lost.

Walter Berns / AEI

Country Before Faith

A constitutional scholar’s conscientious objection to the culture war

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The Rise and Fall of Rubio

Rubio now seems set on pursuing a nomination he can’t get at the expense of giving up the Senate seat he won in the race against Crist.

Democrats Hold the Culture War Whip Hand

From Giuliani to gay marriage, Republicans are quick to beat a retreat at the first sign of social issue controversy.

Paranoia Strikes U.S. Intelligence

The drive to “do something” pushes the NSC and FBI to take extreme responses to Charlie Hebdo.

Hollywood’s Tired War Porn

“American Sniper” was only the latest film to recycle the stock bad guys and plotlines that send the U.S. to war.

Return of the Cheap Hawk?

Why President Kasich might be bad news for the Pentagon

What Kind of War Does the AUMF Authorize?

The ISIS intervention may defy limits—and some in Congress don’t believe it should have any.

Obama’s “Limited” Perpetual War

The administration is seeking approval for a “limited” war that it envisions as being virtually unlimited in terms of place, duration, and potential targets.

Unsafe On-Line “Streets” and Intellectual Gated Communities

The real villain in the John McAdams story is the on-line mob.

Conservatives, Grab Your Pitchforks!

Hillary’s plutocratic ways leave a political opening for real conservative populism.

Obama’s War on Leaks Skirts the Constitution

Convicted under the kangaroo court conditions of the Espionage Act, Jeffrey Sterling never had a chance.