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Choosing to Opt Out of Standardized Tests

Why parents are pushing against new Common Core high-stakes tests

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Chris Christie’s Exxon Giveaway

New Jersey’s governor offers a slap-on-the-wrist environmental settlement that pads the state’s general slush fund.

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The New Lie About Iraq

What we knew in 2003 didn’t make the case for war—a campaign of hype and deceit did.

Patrick Buchanan working as an aide to Richard Nixon in 1969

Who Really Lost America?

The Journal tries to pin the fallout from wasteful wars and globalization’s dislocations on “Pitchfork Pat.”

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The Debtor’s Road to Peace and Prosperity

How borrowing nations have built power and wealth of their own

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Why Soldiers Lie

Our generals are better at bureaucratic infighting than war fighting.


Pamela Geller’s Free-Speech Hypocrisy

Her hatred of Muslims extends to their constitutional liberties—and even Bill O’Reilly has had enough.

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Can We Fight Big Ag Cronyism?

Why we should reform the Farm Bill—and why it will be difficult to do so

How to Fight the Bureaucratic State

If Congress can’t defend its legislative prerogatives, citizens may need to engage in regulatory disobedience.

Rubio’s Predictable, Ideological CFR Speech

This is not a “doctrine” anyone should want to follow.

Iowa Builds a Locavore Community

Will the kingdom of commodity farming return to the small, diversified farms of yesteryear?

David Axelrod’s Multiethnic Machine

Obama’s political guru frankly fused liberal idealism with urban transactional politics.

Scott Walker in Contrast

The Wisconsin governor’s success was built on the Bush GOP’s failures.

Battling Current Events Fatigue

How do we handle news in a globalized age?

The Bankruptcy of U.S. Trade and Foreign Policy

Ruinous trade deficits and unending unnecessary wars have crippled the U.S. while China rises.

What Drove Booth Tarkington?

How a 20th-century gentleman from Indiana fought giantism

The GOP’s Debate Conundrum

We don’t really need to hear twelve versions of the same answers.