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JFK’s Special Relationship

Prime Minister Harold Macmillan managed Britain’s decline by following Kennedy’s lead.

NASA / Bill Ingalls

Obama’s Amnesty Shreds the Constitution

The president leaps towards Caesarism as he shields illegal immigrants by executive action.

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The Military-Industrial Candidate

Hillary Clinton prepares to launch the most formidable hawkish presidential campaign in a generation.

Photo by Eric Draper, Courtesy of the George W. Bush Presidential Library

The Bush Decision Point

The father faced down the Israel lobby and paid a price; the son accommodated it. What’s the lesson for Jeb?

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The Wall Street Journal Packs for Endless War

Hawks misread the election’s results as a mandate for world-wide intervention.


Will the Lame Duck Congress End an NSA Dragnet?

The post-Snowden reform bill is on the agenda, but has lost the support of many civil libertarians.

Olivier Douliery/ABACAUSA.COM/Newscom

The Conservative Case for Pot Legalization in D.C.

Our national drug policy is a failure—Republicans should support gradual experimentation a local level.

MORE IN Politics

“Fortunate Son” Is Antiwar, and Pro-Military

Conservative hawks keep confusing supporting the troops with endorsing the wars.

Death of the West Virginia Democrat

The GOP’s nationalizing politics may have snuffed out one of the truly distinctive local American political cultures.

The CIA Won the Midterms

Incoming intel committee chair Richard Burr will end any hope of holding out of control spy agencies accountable.

Hillary’s Sheldon Adelson

A major Clinton donor cavorts with racist warmonger, urges mass bombing. Will she be asked about it?

How Republicans Took the South

Majority-minority districting gave black Democrats safe seats while empowering GOP conservatives.

A Corporatist GOP Needs a Little Crazy

Rand Paul and Marco Rubio hold more policy promise than establishment-as-usual.

Mark Udall’s Lame-Duck Opportunity

Here’s why the outgoing Colorado senator should leak the Senate report on CIA torture.

Time to Resist Corporate Kumbaya

The GOP should embrace economic patriotism, border security, and peace, not bipartisan harmony.

Obama’s Legacy Will Be With Iran

Peace with Tehran could do for Obama what war with Germany did for FDR.

Republicans Ride an Empty Wave

This was a “wave election” only in the sense that American politics have been stormy for the last decade.