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Jeb Bush, Realist?

The former Florida governor hasn’t yet signed on to regime change in Iran, which suggests his foreign policy just might be more like Ronald Reagan’s than Tom Cotton’s.

Photo by Russian Presidential Press and Information Office

Will Ukraine Push the U.S. Into War?

Russian hardliners are seizing on American actions to push for catastrophe.

President Reagan meeting with William F. Buckley in the Oval Office. / Wikimedia Commons

A New Birth of Fusionism

National Review‘s Charles C.W. Cooke summons a conservative-libertarian alliance 50 years after Buckley and Meyer.

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The Mirage of a Classless Society

Modern liberalism isn’t about challenging hierarchy; it’s about establishing rule by liberal meritocrats.

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Rubio’s Predictable Announcement Speech

Rubio’s desire for a “new American century” is just as ideological and dangerous as the phrase suggests.

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Marco Rubio’s Ideas Aren’t New

The GOP consultant’s dream candidate is a youthful expounder of limited creative thinking on domestic policy—and the Bush Doctrine.

The Retreat of Napoleon from Russia / Victor Adam / Wikimedia Commons

The Long Retreat in the Culture War

Traditionalists should take comfort in the counsel, “Put not your trust in princes.”

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James Webb, War Novelist

The former senator’s literary work displays his noninterventionist past and appealing populism.

Rand Gets Abortion Politics Right

Turning the tables on the DNC is Paul at his political best; to win, he’ll have to curb his thin-skinned worst.

Obama’s State Secrets Overreach

This administration has stretched the questionable legal provision beyond the breaking point, dismissing private suits.

How the GOP Became the Israel Party

Bill Kristol and John McCain have replaced Robert Novak and Pat Buchanan in Republican foreign policy influence.

Fukuyama’s Recipe for Political Order

Is it still possible that history is going toward a definite destination?

The GOP Should Interrogate—Not Kill—the Deal

If the Iran nuclear agreement is as advertised, Republican cries for war would be a 2016 disaster.

How Hawkish Candidates Mislead the Public

It’s not possible to start a war as a last resort.

Here’s What Matters Next for the Iran Deal

Having achieved a breakthrough in the diplomatic process, the Obama administration now has to convince Congress that Iran will comply.

Ted Cruz, Factional Candidate

If the goal is to win the nomination, appealing to one faction to the exclusion of everyone else isn’t going to succeed.

The Politics of the Nuclear Deal

Opposing the deal isn’t smart positioning for the eventual Republican nominee.