Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Meets with AIPAC Leaders on January 14, 2015. Kobi Gideon / GPO

Finding the Foreign Agents

In monitoring the activities of foreign organizations, the DOJ often gives powerful political lobbies a pass.

Marcuse family photo.  CC BY-SA 3.0. via Wikimedia Commons.

Yes, Political Correctness Really Exists

Social media gives new muscle to German Marxist Herbert Marcuse’s arguments against free discourse.

Mohamed Elsayyed / Shutterstock

The Arab Spring and Madisonian Factions

We need certain mores and values in place to prevent majority rule from becoming majority tyranny.

Chuck Hagel / Flickr

Obama’s Foreign Policy Lacks Vision—Thank God

The strategists of the future are veterans, theologians, and entrepreneurs—but if we can’t have them, better mediocrities than Cold War relics.

photo by Warner Bros. Entertainment

Don’t Hate Chris Kyle—or the Iraqis

American soldiers and Arab civilians alike are victims of politicians’ hubris and terrorists’ atrocities.

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza.

How Obama Can Stop Netanyahu’s Iran War

Bibi has Boehner’s support—but the president has the American people’s, if he speaks out.

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Support Your Local Paper

Where local newspapers die, civic engagement and awareness suffer.

MORE IN Politics

Obama’s Hard Promise to Free Saeed Abedini

The president’s pledge alone may not be enough to rescue an American pastor from his Iranian jail.

Whistleblower Beats the TSA at the Supreme Court

A landmark decision curbs agencies’ powers to self-classify—and punish those who don’t play along.

Scott Walker—Conservatives’ Consensus Choice?

The Wisconsin governor might unite the right—if he overcomes a charisma deficit and uncertain foreign policy.

The Controversial Chris Kyle

“American Sniper” could never have dodged the contentious politics of the war or the troubled hero it portrays.

Defining Human Dignity Down

The president’s narrow definition fails to include stay-at-home mothers or the unborn.

David Petraeus’s Double Standard

While real whistleblowers go to jail, the teflon general gets made a martyr to Obama’s war on leaks.

Restructuring Higher Education

Would President Obama’s community college plan expand the ranks of college students—or provide a cheaper path for students already aiming for a four-year degree?

Who Governs?

Billionaire activists like George Soros and Sheldon Adelson exert political influence beyond the dreams of political scientists past.

The SOTU and Obama’s Unnecessary Wars

Obama has made it a habit in the last few years to order or threaten military action that isn’t necessary for U.S. or allied security.

The Hawkish Marriage of Ignorance and Excessive Ambition

Republican hawks have little or no understanding of these issues, but that doesn’t stop them from advocating for a far more aggressive, ambitious foreign policy.