My Advice To Hillary: Embrace Your Inner Tammy Wynette

You stood by your man. Trump’s trying to make that a liability. But it’s really your best asset.

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Gun Rights and Voting Rights: A Proposal

Why not tie them together?

Gage Skidmore

Four Reasons Hillary Clinton Is So Unpopular

It’s not because she works too hard.


The Right Message After Trump

Voters want more than slogans and insults. Conservatives must win with better ideas.

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Can Anti-Discrimination Be More Discriminating?

Not without grappling with the strongest, oldest cases, rather than the weakest and newest.

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Yes, There’s a Ferguson Effect

Hostility toward police has led to a rise in crime, but what can we do about it?

Philippa McKinlay

Oil as a Way of Life

How to dismantle an empire dependent on the resources of the Middle East.

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