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Words on the Street

The week’s best writing on cities: how to rebuild Penn Station, a new Pittsburgh airport, and China’s dysfunctional megacities.

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Can Cooperative Businesses Save Communities?

Local ownership of inner-city enterprises is helping renew depressed neighborhoods.


Brazil’s Little Platoons

Residents of Rio’s famed slums are tougher and more self-sustaining than the Olympic games displacing them.

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Good Neighboring In an Age of Police Brutality

Before calling the cops for a nuisance violation, reach out to your neighbor.

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Where Do the Parties Stand on Housing?

The Republican and Democratic platforms recycle their talking points without addressing real issues.

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Philadelphia Scales Up Civic Engagement

Micro-projects will always have their place, but the task of revitalizing cities can now grow beyond the block.

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How Brandcentric Architecture Is Destroying Our Sense of Place

A community is defined by its common look. Why are big companies flattening local advantages?

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Pokémon Go Re-enchants the City

Can a mobile video game bring people together in the civic commons?

Words on the Street

The best writing on urbanism and place from around the web

Cleveland Rising?

Megaprojects like the GOP convention offer false hope in a town that needs block-by-block attention.

What West Baltimore Needs

Local leadership plus outside capital might stop the next riot.

Words on the Street

The best New Urbs content we’ve encountered this week.

City of Good Intentions

The nation’s capital is divided into dateline Washington and hometown DC.

How Cinema Returned to the City

Despite the rise of the suburban multiplex and Netflix, urban movie theaters are making a comeback.

Words on the Street

The best New Urbs content we’ve encountered this week.

Detroit’s Doughnut of Despair?

A tour of neighborhoods outside downtown reveals pockets of viable urbanism.

Yes, In My Backyard

Meet the grassroots urbanists fighting back against the no-growth lobby.