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Buffalo, New York Atomazul /

Strong Towns Draw Strong Citizens

A new generation of invested neighbors are being drawn from the suburbs to affordable urbanized areas.

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‘Smart Growth’ and the Sidewalk Ballet

The democratic underpinnings of good urbanism can sometimes matter even more than the building plans.

Le Corbusier’s Plan Voisin for Paris. © F.L.C. / ADAGP, Paris / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York 2016

Occupy Le Corbusier

Will a silent majority rise against architecture’s elite?


Building the Virtuous Neighborhood

Insulting the deindustrialized working class won’t help them. Living in community with them might.

Midtown Manhattan's "Dutch Hill" circa 1863. New York Public Library (PR 020 Geographic File)

Affordable Housing Starts From the Bottom Up

Urban affordability crises are the products of a century of well-intentioned city regulations.

Shotgun house Jon Keegan/Flickr

Why San Francisco Has to Build Up

Solving such an extreme housing crisis with single-family homes is like solving a fire with gasoline.

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Why Bernie Sanders Shouldn’t Call Baltimore ‘Third World’

Mere pity ignores what an urban neighborhood is accomplishing—and still needs.

Seeking a Return to Beauty

The British crown sponsors a revival in public aesthetics that Americans can emulate.

House Republicans’ Asphalt Socialism

The GOP lauds the virtues of the free market—until it’s time to subsidize their cars.

Church Bells and Gospel Choirs Under Gentrification

Can religious liberty protect black churches from an invasive species of buffered selves?

When Universities Abandon Education for Buildings

“Starchitects” and administrators enjoy debt-fueled binges on the infrastructure of higher consumerism.

Kentucky’s Conservative Urbanism

The ordinary folks of Bellevue, Ky. inherited a downtown every bit Brooklyn’s equal.

Brad Pitt’s Rotting Post-Katrina Modernism—and Ours

Why New Orleans localism beat the world’s most famous architects

Why Walkability Matters

When did the car triumph over the pedestrian as a symbol of American freedom?

New Urbs Returns from Dallas

A new generation of conservatives has risen to the defense of walkable neighborhoods and traditional development.

The New Urbs-Strong Towns Conversation

Charles Marohn talks to Jon Coppage and Ben Schwarz about conservatives and cities.