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The best writing on urbanism from around the web

"High-Rise" Image courtesy Magnolia Pictures.

Tower Block Dystopia

In High-Rise, the initial glamour of 1970s modernism descends into decadence and violence.

Susan Renee

The Boarding Houses that Built America

Tocqueville’s first taste of the United States came via a now-lost defining feature of the urbanizing republic.

A Barcelona street. (Vincent Moschetti / Flickr)

Words on the Street

The best writing on urbanism from around the web

Iriana Shiyan /

How to Build Housing From the Middle Out

Fight for your right to rent out your own basement.

6SN7 / Flickr

How to Bring Back Southbridge

A 21-year-old developer is rescuing his hometown—one building at a time.

Wikimedia Commons

100 Years of Jane Jacobs Down, 100 Years to Go

Advancing the great urbanist’s wisdom of recovery has to proceed organically, over the generations.

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Is ‘Queen Bey’ a Front Porch Republican?

Lemonade embeds the stadium celebrity back into the civil society traditions of black women.

Words on the Street

The best urbanism writing from around the web

Strong Towns Draw Strong Citizens

A new generation of invested neighbors are being drawn from the suburbs to affordable urbanized areas.

‘Smart Growth’ and the Sidewalk Ballet

The democratic underpinnings of good urbanism can sometimes matter even more than the building plans.

Occupy Le Corbusier

Will a silent majority rise against architecture’s elite?

Building the Virtuous Neighborhood

Insulting the deindustrialized working class won’t help them. Living in community with them might.

Affordable Housing Starts From the Bottom Up

Urban affordability crises are the products of a century of well-intentioned city regulations.

Why San Francisco Has to Build Up

Solving such an extreme housing crisis with single-family homes is like solving a fire with gasoline.

Why Bernie Sanders Shouldn’t Call Baltimore ‘Third World’

Mere pity ignores what an urban neighborhood is accomplishing—and still needs.

Seeking a Return to Beauty

The British crown sponsors a revival in public aesthetics that Americans can emulate.