New Urbanism

How Renaissance Cities Built Upon Wisdom From the Ancient World

Contemporary planners have much to learn from past masters as well.

The Lost World of the Middlebrow Tastemaker

Working alongside Frank Lloyd Wright, journalist Elizabeth Gordon made home design accessible to the average American.

In a Desert City, Frank Lloyd Wright and Traditional Architecture at Play

Phoenix’s Arizona Biltmore hotel is not as modern as it first appears.

Are Baby Boomers Excluding Millennials From Neighborhood Assocations?

Economic obstacles and insular attitudes keep many neighborhoods from welcoming newcomers.

Savannah’s Squares Inspire New Urbanists

It’s nearly 300 years old, but the colonial-era city is still a model for livable cities.

New Urbanist Seaside Paradise Celebrates 25 Years

Carping elites called this new, sustainable development “plastic,” and “Disneylandish.” But the public got it, bigtime.

Meet the Austrian Who Invented Placemaking

Camillo Sitte was a champion of traditional European urbanism.

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Homeownership Does Not Guarantee Middle-Class Prosperity

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What Makes a Great Street?

A classic work reminds us that placemaking is more art than science.

How a Denver Coffee Shop Exploded the Gentrification Debate

A poorly worded sign “embarrassing in its condescension” elicits fierce backlash from locals leery of their neighborhood’s upscale transformation.

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Using transit to do economic development is very expensive.