No Presidential Wars

Where is Real Statesmanship When We Need it Most?

Nothing is more antithetical to America’s constitutional ethos than to demand that our opponents surrender unconditionally.

Scrapping Economics and Starting Over

Market fundamentalism has been exposed as soulless. Before we forge ahead, we need to realize the scope of what we’ve lost.

Our Great Awakening to the Ethics of Technology

The 2016 election in particular has made clear the perils of social media. But where do we go from here?

The Man Who Foresaw the West’s Fantasia

While he couldn’t predict selfies, multiculturalism, or Oprah, Daniel Bell sensed the rage against bourgeois order would eventually lead to crisis.

Is Democracy to Blame for the Loneliness Epidemic?

Tocqueville warned that the American ideal could lead to increased rootlessness and isolation.

Berkeley Is Collapsing in on Itself

Financial and social costs that began 50 years ago are devouring this iconic university system.

The End of Endism?

Almost three decades after “the end of history” thesis emerged, the problems of modernity remain.


What If Rousseau Was Right?

New book argues man’s ‘progression’ into agriculture and civilization was really a mistake.

Our Shocking Acceptance of State Sanctioned Violence

Too many jurors, acting like sheep.

‘Who Goes Nazi’ Now?

Dorothy Thompson’s 1941 paranoid ‘parlor game’ just as (un) useful today.

What David Brooks (Still) Doesn’t Understand About America

His “universal nation” idea has gotten us into trouble before.

Murder of Journalist Reflects Global Assault on Free Speech

So why are the crackdowns so popular?

No, It’s Not ‘Moral Relativism’ to Oppose Nuking North Korea

Warhawks wheel out an old, meaningless canard.

Seeing Lee Through the Eyes of Slaves and Planters

Lincoln’s second inaugural address was carefully worded for times like these.

Why Not Pay Women to Stay Home, Raise Children?

Praying and philosophizing won’t get conservatives what they want.

When Confederate Monuments Represent Reconciliation

Grave-spitting is easy, forgiveness is hard.

Transhumanism Is Not Libertarian, It’s an Abomination

Eugenics? Immortality? This is a non-starter.