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How Dante Saved My Life

A midlife crisis is cured by The Divine Comedy

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Left, Right, and Leo Strauss

He was a liberal democrat—not a conservative or fascist—a new book argues.

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We Can Build That

Obama rejects the Scottish Enlightenment ideas that inspired the Constitution.

illustration by Michael Hogue

Tory Nihilist

Maurice Cowling debunked liberalism with “irony, geniality, and malice.”

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Another Round On Atheism With Ross Douthat

Since Ross Douthat was so kind as to notice my complaint that …

John Stuart Mill

Experiments in Living

John Stuart Mill’s liberalism emancipates the powerful from custom’s restraints—and ordinary Americans suffer for it.

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Ross Douthat: Please Argue With Better Atheists

In search of a stronger opposition for God


Monarchists, Neo-Reactionaries and Neo-Fascism

Monarchy can indeed be a legitimate form of government—but not in America.

Bernard Mandeville and Consumerism’s Buzz

Before Ayn Rand or Adam Smith, there was the author of “The Fable of the Bees.”

The Political Form of Freedom

Can there be self-government outside the nation or city-state? Pierre Manent offers a philosophical answer.

Seven Conservative Minds

Russell Kirk’s revisions trace the right’s evolution—and his own.

American Anarchist

Noam Chomsky holds court on his political philosophy and its critique of power.

Gettysburg Gospel

How Lincoln forged a civil religion of American nationalism

Marilynne Robinson on Faith and Conservatism

The award-winning author talks to us about the personal and political.

A Scottish Remembrance of Russell Kirk

The Conservative Mind‘s author taught generations to re-enchant the world.

On the Spirit of Patriotism

The obligations of a prudent opposition.

Freedom or Virtue?

Pure traditionalism and absolute liberty alike fail the Constitution.