‘Who Goes Nazi’ Now?

Dorothy Thompson’s 1941 paranoid ‘parlor game’ just as (un) useful today.

What David Brooks (Still) Doesn’t Understand About America

His “universal nation” idea has gotten us into trouble before.

Murder of Journalist Reflects Global Assault on Free Speech

So why are the crackdowns so popular?

No, It’s Not ‘Moral Relativism’ to Oppose Nuking North Korea

Warhawks wheel out an old, meaningless canard.

Seeing Lee Through the Eyes of Slaves and Planters

Lincoln’s second inaugural address was carefully worded for times like these.

Why Not Pay Women to Stay Home, Raise Children?

Praying and philosophizing won’t get conservatives what they want.

When Confederate Monuments Represent Reconciliation

Grave-spitting is easy, forgiveness is hard.


Transhumanism Is Not Libertarian, It’s an Abomination

Eugenics? Immortality? This is a non-starter.

Kennedy’s Forgotten Coalition: Working Class Catholics

After decades of Democratic fealty, JFK’s “tribal benediction” went Trump.

Jesus Shrugged

What if Christian organizations just went on strike?

Will American Science Stay On Top?

Scientific elites provoke America’s egalitarian anxieties.

A Euro-African West?

Meditations on civilization by Trump, Macron, Douthat and me

Tocqueville: Women Made America Great

And they did it without feminism.

Trump’s Warsaw Speech Threw Down the Gauntlet on Western Civilization

Is America just ‘an idea’?

No, Americans Are Not Polarized By Ideology

Most people do not possess a system of logical constraints when it comes to politics.

Hate Is Bad. So Is Censorship.

The University of Maryland puts politics over civic virtue.

The Dishonorable White House Leaks

The American way is to use checks and balances, not to hide behind anonymity while muckraking in the media.