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Does Gun Control Work? Part III

The final installment of a series explaining new research.

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The Meaning of ‘America First’

Trump draws on a century-old slogan, albeit imperfectly.

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Does Gun Control Work? Part II

Second in a three-part series on new research.

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Does Gun Control Work? Part I

First in a three-part series on new research.

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Was Trump’s Threat to Prosecute Hillary a Dictatorial Impulse?

Democracies do occasionally put high-profile leaders on trial.


Don’t Miss This Post-Election Conversation

A week after voters go to the polls, leading realists will gather to discuss the future of U.S. foreign policy.

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No Candidate for Homeschoolers

None of them make a convincing pitch.


The Dark Heart of Progressivism

A conversation with Thomas C. Leonard, author of Illiberal Reformers.

An Alarming Rise in the Murder Rate

It’s not 1993 again, but it’s a troubling increase.

Of Monsters and Black Lives

Everything ultimately depends on the availability of victims and the priority that society places on them.

Why Socialism Is Still Popular

Evolutionary psychology may explain it.

Robert Nisbet’s Conservatism

A friend of the great sociologist on why we need his insight today

I Was Six on 9/11

The world that preceded the attack was lost.

Conservatism’s Founding Mother

How Phyllis Schlafly earned a prominent place in American political history

A Weighty Argument Against Women in Combat

Heavy body armor is a challenge even for men.

The Right to Look Your Judge in the Eye

Equality is found in the brute fact that we are individual, embodied human beings.

What U. of Chicago Activists Are Complaining About

They do have a point.