(Re)Secularizing the University

The religion of social-justice activism on campus breeds a new kind of secularism.

How to Reduce Juvenile Crime: Use Separate Courts

Keeping minors out of the adult criminal-justice system cuts costs and crime—and keep communities safe.

The Best of Intentions

Incentive, not bureaucracy, is the key to environmental protection.

Whence Comes Legitimacy?

A crucial yet fragile element of civic stability

The Vice President’s Intelligent Stand on Evolution

There need be no battle between faith and science.

Automatic Justice

When it comes to letting defendants out on bail, computers make far better decisions than judges, a new study shows.

The Politics of Vaccine Safety on Fearless Parent Radio

TAC executive editor Pratik Chougule discusses his vaccine piece on the radio.


I’m Not a Nazi

Wait, let me explain!

Reviving Libertarianism

Those who favor limited government shouldn’t ignore the virtue factor.

Spengler vs. Evola

The two thinkers, recently in the news thanks to Steve Bannon, had different views on human nature.

Are There Two Americas?

Many wish to “unsee” their political adversaries.

Science and Status

Tom Wolfe highlights the shabby treatment of two underappreciated intellectuals.

Womanhood Redefined

A feminist’s take on the transgender controversy

Moscow Sees Its Coldest Christmas in 120 Years

Australia and South America also had cold-weather records. Why is nobody talking about it?

The Big Forces of History

Can the era of America’s global dominance be sustained?

Conservatism After Trump

How the Right—and foreign-policy realism—can survive our populist moment.

From Neocon to Realist

Why I became a lapsed neoconservative and joined The American Conservative