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The Bibliophile’s Conundrum

What to read, re-read, and why, are just a few questions the bookworm must consider.

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Essays Against the Man

A Muckdog reporter looks back on 30 years of journalism

Congress of Vienna / Wikimedia Commons

Europe’s Enlightened Order

What was reactionary about the Congress of Vienna?

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Reading in the Summer

Why you should throw out the reading lists and find something fun

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Millennials Search For Religious ‘Authenticity’

Millennials want a genuine religion—but how do they define and identify what’s real?

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Inventing the Right

What Edmund Burke and Charles Maurras reveal about politics

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In Praise of Private Colleges

When professors politicize public universities, it’s hard not to expect politicians to respond in kind.


The Ideology of Caitlyn Jenner

The creed of the self-creating individual too often ends in suicide—as philosopher Eric Voegelin would have warned.

Food Obsession in Modern America

We face pressure from within and without to eat a certain way.

James Polk’s Realpolitik

Was the Mexican War gratuitous conquest or strategic statesmanship?

Searching For Purpose

How finding it in small things can keep us happy

Parenting in America

Amidst controversial methodologies and methods, many parents are seeking to simplify

Allies Against Empire

Robert La Follette and Albert Jay Nock opposed war from left and right.

Books to Save Your Soul

From Dante’s Divine Comedy to two new memoirs of faith

FOMO vs. the Power of Gratitude

How the “fear of missing out” can blind us to the peace and prosperity offered by awe

Drunk on Latin Verse

A caution against juxtaposing your life with that of a famous classical writer

Serious, Non-Sarcastic Questions About the Benedict Option

Because I am having a hard time understanding just what it is.