How Not to Spend Political Capital

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Grand Strategy Is Bunk

Theories of global power just excuse U.S. hubris.

How Leviathan Ate U.S. History

Today’s students think all reform comes from the state.

Front Porch Revolution

Wendell Berry’s cure for partisanship

The Moral Path to Peace

Self-restraint is the first step to avoiding war.

Don Colacho’s Epitaphs

Nicolás Gómez Dávila’s aphorisms are a reactionary’s sharpest weapon.

Occupy Edmund Burke

The Intellectual Life of Edmund Burke: From the Sublime and Beautiful to American Independence, David Bromwich, Harvard University Press, 500 pages


The Localist Manifesto

Why Place Matters: Geography, Identity, and Civic Life in Modern America, Wilfred M. McClay and Ted McAllister, eds., Encounter Books, 296 pages

The End of Ownership and the Obsolescence of Ayn Rand

A 21st-century economy of service will disrupt our arguments over politics and economics alike.

Devolution Is Superior to Secession

Calls for secession are often strong indicators that too much power is centralized.

Is There Capitalism After Cronyism?

What’s wrong with global capitalism, and how to rewrite the rules of the game

Thirty Years Without Peace

The two world wars were a single conflict that still imperils us.

Was the American Revolution Secessionist?

No—and it wasn’t necessarily anti-imperialist, either.

Secession Is Not a Principle of Liberty

Carving new states out of existing ones leads to nationalism and security competition, not individual freedom.

A Lonely Hearts Church

In a world of disconnection and drifting, strengthening the family is a question of trust and love.

Does Liberalism Mean Empire?

Libertarians say no—but history seems to say yes.

Closing of the Scholarly Mind

An English professor argues for an explicit leftist bias in college, utterly neglecting the teacher’s vocation.