Michael Hogue

The Mind of Russell Kirk

How the horrors of war led to the birth of American conservatism.


A New Threat to Freedom of Association

Will mandates requiring causes to disclose donors silence free speech?

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Discipline and Rupture at Christmastime

Reading Foucault and de Caussade into an Advent carol of relief over reform

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Dialogue on Democracy, Part 7

Many, perhaps most, of the pathologies of our current political order are products of inhuman scale.

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Islam and the Clash of Generations

In France, the banners and causes change, but the attraction to revolutionary violence always remains.

Claude, View of Carthage with Dido and Aeneas

Dialogue on Democracy, Part 6

If you argue about politics long enough, you get to something deeper than politics.

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Utopianism Is Not a Strategy

E.H. Carr’s Twenty Years’ Crisis remains a realist’s Bible.


Social Justice for Democratic Capitalists

How some Catholics contort Church teaching to fit a Cold War paradigm of economics and politics.

Dean of the Realists

Owen Harries was Irving Kristol’s friend—and neoconservatism’s foe.

Fire in the Minds of Men

How the spark of revolutionary faith becomes an inferno

On Conservatives in the Academy, Once More

Do right-leaning intellectuals select themselves out of academia, or are they kept out?

Wanted: A Postwar Policy

Republicans and Democrats alike are running out of foreign-policy options. It’s time to start anew.

Church Bells and Gospel Choirs Under Gentrification

Can religious liberty protect black churches from an invasive species of buffered selves?

Populism on a Human Scale

Is Jefferson’s decentralized republic the only alternative to the alliance of big business and big government?

The Concept of Carl Schmitt

What made the controversial philosopher’s work so compelling?

Dialogue on Democracy, Part 4

Democratic institutions face the challenge of the Chinese Imperial Examination

South of the Right

The regional conservatism of John William Corrington