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Confirmation Bias

For many, the story Stanley Milgram’s experiments told was too good to be false.

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Dialogue on Democracy, Part 3

Considering Moldbug’s criticism of constitutional democracy

2001: A Space Odyssey. MGM

Dialogue on Democracy, Part 2

Continuing the discussion on America’s democratic deficits

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Dialogue On Democracy, Part 1

Are today’s Americans too ignorant to sustain democratic government?

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Who Pulls John Gray’s Strings?

A leading skeptic of modern rationalism challenges the secular faith in progress and human freedom.

Brownstone on Upper West Side, New York City, New York, used for exteriors of the A&E TV series "A Nero Wolfe Mystery" W. Finch/Wikimedia Commons

Safe Space

Finding shelter in Nero Wolfe’s brownstone on West 35th Street

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Why Words Matter

Is telepathy the ultimate form of communication?


Italy’s Philosopher Against Modernity

Augusto Del Noce considers the West’s affluence, commercialism, and opulence.

Looking for Calvin Coolidge

Could a politician characterized by the “virtue of inactivity” survive in today’s White House?

A Whole New News?

Media in the age of Twitter tantrums and Facebook fear-mongering

Why America Isn’t Socialist

Jeffersonian populism and Bolshevik statism fractured a movement that could not overcome the two-party system.

On the Value of Thought Experiments

Simplifying situations into their component parts under constraints can help make sense of impossible complexities.

How to Escape the Echo Chamber

Online communities can be toxic—but we can escape (and even reform) them.

Does Dating Still Matter?

Tinder doesn’t just sell us short on love—it can also foil opportunities for new friendships.

The Way We Speak Now

In the age of of “trigger warnings” and Trump, we’ve lost a common standard for public discourse.

Byzantine Empire—or Republic?

Eastern emperors were accountable to their people and the public good without being democrats.

Saved by the Divine Comedy

Rod Dreher shows how a literary classic can be the best therapy for troubled times and a troubled soul.