The Mob Vetoes Ann Coulter

Free speech is messy, and it is our essential defense against fascism, whether from the left or the right.

North Carolina’s Beer Pong Battle

Beer-makers square off against a cronyist system.

How the New York Times Misrepresents the Supreme Court

Originalism and conservatism are not the same thing.

Benedict Option I: Dreher’s Plaintive Call

On the insight and blind spots of Rod Dreher’s new book

Benedict Option II: The Jewish Example

Four keys to sustaining strong, countercultural religious community

How America Turned Against Smart Kids

Parents of gifted children face egalitarian dogmas and an anti-intellectual culture.

Seceding From Public Education

Why not respect the fact that we live in a diverse nation, in which the outlooks and goals of our population are as different as the people who hold them?


The Golden Age of Phony

Virtue signaling is a primal scream of self-righteousness.

Fixing Head Start

Empower parents.

Is There a Constitutional Right to Carry a Gun?

The Supreme Court may soon take up the issue.

Sean Spicer’s Holocaust Gaffe

He was not denying the existence of the gas chambers—but he did violate a key rule governing Hitler comparisons.

Communism for Kids

That’s a new book from MIT Press. No, really.

Teaching Obesity, Selling Sickness

We are subsidizing our own disease burden.

Pour the Public Education Kool-Aid Down the Drain

Government meddling in education restricts creativity and innovation.

The ‘Vaccine Court’ Is Hazardous to Your Health

The vaccine-industrial complex has created a Kafkaesque system.

Conservatives for Government?

The idea that government is evil is a strange notion by historical conservative standards.

Head Start Works

The program prepares kids for school and keeps them out of trouble years down the line.