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Why Are So Many College Students Depressed?

Sad tales of suicide should motivate us to reconsider our educational goals and methods.

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Why Read Christopher Lasch?

The conservative radical has answers to Charles Murray’s hard questions.

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T.S. Eliot, American

How his St. Louis roots and rocky marriage made “The Waste Land” possible

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Dancing With Words

Why handwriting is much more than a cumbersome discipline

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Sherlock Holmes’s Politics

He was a Victorian libertarian—and imperial conservative.

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Is a Woman’s Place in the Workforce?

What Hillary Clinton—and much of society—gets wrong about the stay-at-home mom

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Why Community College Matters

It plays a distinctive role in an increasingly rootless academia


A World of Cities

How localism prospers in an era of globalization

Save the Print Library

Why “progress” shouldn’t mean completely digitizing library archives

Growing Up and the Liberal Arts: A Tuesday Roundup

Why students’ choice of major often depends on their parents’ income—and why it matters

How Sexy Was Kant?

The hypersexualization of culture spreads all the way to reviews of meditations on the mind.

A Tale of Two Independence Days

Homesickness is almost a necessary piece of the Fourth of July, as we grow older.

Patriotism Begins With Localism

The thinness of American identity has to stretch from Toby Keith to a bro on Beacon Hill.

How Socialism Fails

James Otteson dissects the moral and economic contradictions of collectivism.

The Bibliophile’s Conundrum

What to read, re-read, and why, are just a few questions the bookworm must consider.

Essays Against the Man

A Muckdog reporter looks back on 30 years of journalism

Europe’s Enlightened Order

What was reactionary about the Congress of Vienna?