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The People Are Revolting!

Why populism and political parties terrified George Washington

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The Fault in Our Algorithms

People are increasingly concerned with the way Facebook manipulates its users—perhaps it’s time they did something about it.

illustration by Michael Hogue

Updike’s Affair With America

From suburban sex to Vietnam and the Postal Service, the novelist’s judgments are a measure by which he’s judged today.

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The Consequences of Virtual Efficiency

Our obsession with self and its appetites has led to a depletion of real-life character.

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HBD and Me

The “science of human differences” often feeds an unpalatable political agenda in need of pushback.

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A Secular Age?

Liberalism is the latest form of Protestant religion, practiced from the academy to the culture wars.

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What Does Human Evolution Explain?

Nicholas Wade’s sweeping race-based analyses fail to convince, but the science itself holds great promise.


Common Core: Better Than Nothing?

Progressivism has dealt numerous blows to education, but is another one-size-fits-all method any better?

Thirty Years Without Peace

The two world wars were a single conflict that still imperils us.

Is There Capitalism After Cronyism?

Does Capitalism Have a Future?, Immanuel Wallerstein, Randall Collins, Michael Mann, Georgi
Derluguian, and Craig Calhoun, Oxford University Press, 208 pages

Horton Foote’s Farewell

A playwright’s last screenplay shows hope for American drama.

A Canon for the Officer Corps

Seven books that teach our troops how to win today’s wars

What Would Jeremiah Do?

Jewish history gives today’s Christians an alternative to cultural secession.

Two Cheers for Partisan History

Herbert Butterfield was wrong about Whig scholarship.

Is Social Mobility a Myth?

A major new book challenges decades of thinking about escaping poverty, and falling from riches.

James Madison, Cheney-Style

Lynne Cheney’s love letter to the fourth president exaggerates more than it enlightens.

Why Liberalism Means Empire

Democracy isn’t the end of history, it’s a product of power.