John Stuart Mill

Week 5—Libertarianism: Sources and Themes

John Stuart Mill pioneered the libertarian assault on custom, and its willingness to force people to be free.

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The Perils of Disillusionment

We don’t have to be powerless.

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Week 4: Progressive Liberalism—Contemporary Voices

How can liberalism support more personal freedom yet less economic individualism—and is libertarianism our destiny?

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Wendell Berry, Burkean

The farmer-novelist on politics, faith, land, and economy

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Week 3—Progressive Liberalism: Sources and Themes

Dewey, Croly, and Rauschenbusch sought to transform classical liberalism’s emphasis on individualism.

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From Disneyland to Dante

Go to Europe in search of truth, not illusions of tradition.

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Week 2–Classical Liberalism: Contemporary Voices

At the “end of history,” the liberal disciplining of power begins to undermine democracy itself.


The News We Need

It’s not the news we crave and feed upon in our modern media world.

What Libertarians (and Conservatives) Don’t Understand About Poverty

Today’s poor may have more consumer goods than in generations past, but their lives are no less uncertain.

Can U.S. Foreign Policy Be Saved?

Three new books set sentimentality aside to impose limits on runaway American internationalism.

Yes, Political Correctness Really Exists

Social media gives new muscle to German Marxist Herbert Marcuse’s arguments against free discourse.

The End Of Blogging – And The Need For One Big Paywall

Andrew Sullivan’s retirement isn’t just the end of an era – it may be the end of a business model that all content-creators had a stake in.

Week 1–Liberalism: Sources and Themes

What John Locke and Tom Paine reveal about the origins of an ideology that surrounds us like an ocean.

Invitation to a Seminar—Liberalism and Conservatism

Studying six forms of belief that go to the heart of our contemporary political understanding.

Losing the Ability to “Lose Oneself”

Why reading is an increasingly self-conscious act

Why the New York Times Won’t Show Muhammad

The newspaper’s attempt at sensitivity is curiously insensitive to Islam’s actual history.

Taking Back Friendship

From Facebook, social media, and modernity’s mistaken definitions.