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Trends in Death and Dysfunction

Homicides, drug overdoses, car accidents: all are up.

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Race and Police Killings

A new study says white cops aren’t more likely to shoot black suspects.

Chuck Myers as co-pilot on a B-25 Mitchell in September 1944 (Courtesy of James P. Stevenson)

The Unsung Hero of American Air Power

Legendary test pilot Chuck Myers fought for smart defense spending.

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Love, Marriage, and the State

Must the government sanction our relationships?


Watch Our Conference: ‘Foreign Policy in America’s Interest’

Featuring keynote speaker Jim Webb and discussions on the next administration and Russia.

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Business Class

In praise of the middle-class man of commerce and letters.

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Great Chain of Contempt

Intellectuals left and right have lost faith—and mercy.


Bringing Government Secrets to Light

Most will never see the light of day.

Does Gun Control Work? Part III

The final installment of a series explaining new research.

The Meaning of ‘America First’

Trump draws on a century-old slogan, albeit imperfectly.

Does Gun Control Work? Part II

Second in a three-part series on new research.

Does Gun Control Work? Part I

First in a three-part series on new research.

Was Trump’s Threat to Prosecute Hillary a Dictatorial Impulse?

Democracies do occasionally put high-profile leaders on trial.

Don’t Miss This Post-Election Conversation

A week after voters go to the polls, leading realists will gather to discuss the future of U.S. foreign policy.

No Candidate for Homeschoolers

None of them make a convincing pitch.

The Dark Heart of Progressivism

A conversation with Thomas C. Leonard, author of Illiberal Reformers.

An Alarming Rise in the Murder Rate

It’s not 1993 again, but it’s a troubling increase.