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Standing Athwart at Standing Rock

Can the president-elect broker peace between Native Americans and oil companies?

Scott Pruitt. Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia

Will Trump Stop the Rogue EPA?

A tough new director from Oklahoma will end the blue-collar job killing.

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Does Free Trade Kill People?

If it does, we still shouldn’t restrict it, apparently.

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An ‘America First’ Trump Trade Policy

The New International Economic Order imposed upon us for decades has to be overthrown.

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Trump and the Unions

Despite his working-class base, he toes the traditional Republican line.

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How to Help Poor Children

… without growing the welfare state.

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How They’ll Handle Your Money

A look at the candidates’ budgets.

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Bye, Bye Federal Reserve Pie

The politics of rate hikes are increasingly irrelevant to the economy.

The Crony Economy

Bipartisan outrage doesn’t stop government picking winners and losers

The Obamacare Stool Wobbles

This is an opportunity for Republicans, if they can hold the House.

Congress May Lower Taxes on Drinks

The whole system of alcohol taxation is fundamentally irrational.

Trump’s Right on Trade Predators

America’s allies are cheating and robbing her blind.

Tax Reform Will Not Happen

The status quo serves the interests of politicians too well.

Our Workless Future

Automation will replace human labor, and the transition could get ugly.

Do Businesses Pay a Price for Racial Discrimination?

A new study suggests they do.

Family Policy, Trump-Style

It’s hard to detect a consistent philosophy behind his plan.

When Young Men Don’t Work

Immigrants replace them in the labor force; leisure replaces work in their lives.