Trump Is Winning on Trade

Making America great again

Reverse Obama’s Net-Neutrality Power Grab

The internet isn’t a utility.

The Paris Agreement Had No Teeth

If solar and wind were indeed catching up to other forms of electricity generation, they wouldn’t need subsidies.

Should Government Health Care Favor the Poor?

Medical care should be guaranteed to all, but not for free.

Does the Paris Agreement Matter?

Real climate-change solutions will come from entrepreneurs, not diplomats.

The Roots of Trump’s Economic Policy

The ‘American model’ is a rediscovering of an older Republican tradition.

Laboring under the Delusions of Democrats

The AFL-CIO exists to launder union dues into the campaign war chests of the Democrat Party.

MORE IN Economy

Optometrists’ Cronyist Assault on Online Eye Exams

They are blinding patients to free-market competition.

Paul Ryan’s Triumph

He struck a delicate balance in the House. But does the Senate have a different center of gravity?

The Low-Skill Immigration Increase Hidden in the Spending Deal

Check out page 735 of the 1.665-page bill.

Populist Environmentalism?

Advocates for the environment can draw on a long and close association with populist sentiment.

‘Middle-Class Tax Relief’ Is a Hoax

The top 20 percent already pony up 84 percent of income taxes.

Our Public Employee Problem

Federal workers are drastically overpaid, a new CBO analysis shows, and state workers pose their own set of problems.

Will High Taxes Force the Rich to Leave America?

The wealthy are moving money to tax havens outside U.S. borders.

Trump’s Tax Plan Leaves the Swamp Untouched

His ideas don’t add up to real reform.

Taxes on Unhealthy Food Are Ineffective and Hurt the Poor

They come at the expense of the most vulnerable segments of society.

Resuscitating Health-Care Reform With a Shell Game

A crazy idea that just might work.