The ‘Rust Belt’ Echoes American Loss, But It’s No Cliché

New anthology challenges us to resist the urge to make of this place ‘a talking point, or a polling data set.’

Elon Musk is the Cosmo Kramer of Crony Capitalism

His wacky schemes never pan out but they do cost the taxpayers billions. Isn’t it time we closed our refrigerators?

Ford Says Farewell

Why America’s most iconic automaker plans to drive their passenger sedans into the sunset.

How America Benefits From World Trade

Protectionist impulses will only hurt our industry—and the American consumer.

How the Greenwashed Liberal Gentry Keep Out the Rabble

One San Francisco lawmaker wants more affordable housing. Cue the fury from NIMBY leftists.

Homeownership Does Not Guarantee Middle-Class Prosperity

Real estate speculation doesn’t create wealth, it sets up a game of musical chairs–and we now know what happens when the music stops.

The Tech Giants Must Be Stopped

They destroy jobs, distort markets, and trample on liberties. It’s time we directed technological change rather than the other way around.

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Robert Bork’s America

Published 40 years ago, Bork’s book on antitrust law fundamentally changed America’s economy for the worse.

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As the stock market corrects and interest rates go up, Jerome Powell can either make or break our monetary policy.

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Free trade is seen as the domain of elites, but punishing select industries will hurt, not help, the everyman.