Homeownership Does Not Guarantee Middle-Class Prosperity

Real estate speculation doesn’t create wealth, it sets up a game of musical chairs–and we now know what happens when the music stops.

The Tech Giants Must Be Stopped

They destroy jobs, distort markets, and trample on liberties. It’s time we directed technological change rather than the other way around.

How the Cult of the Colossal Imperils American Agriculture

Stressed-out farmers today only grow food for global consumption, and that is leading to a crisis at home.

Does Toys ‘R’ Us Demise Spell Death of Retail?

It might be the end of a chain—or the end of an era.

Free Trade Shouldn’t Be a Litmus Test for Conservatism

That position has often been linked to the left, while protectionism has just as often been associated with the right.

America’s Tumultuous History With Tariffs

From McKinley to Reagan, Donald Trump has plenty of precedent if he’s looking for it.

Why are Republicans Afraid of Tariffs?

A steel tariff terrifies Sen. Graham—A new Korean war does not?

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Trump Unleashes the Dogs of a Trade War

Wait for the retaliation from affected countries to begin—call it mutual assured destruction.

Robert Bork’s America

Published 40 years ago, Bork’s book on antitrust law fundamentally changed America’s economy for the worse.

A New Fed Chairman for a New Economy

As the stock market corrects and interest rates go up, Jerome Powell can either make or break our monetary policy.

Forget Davos Elites: Trump’s Protectionism is a Threat to His Own Voters

And because of that, the Europeans have taken the high ground—at least for now.

The Moral Case Against Trump’s Import Tariffs

Free trade is seen as the domain of elites, but punishing select industries will hurt, not help, the everyman.

Time for Conservatives to Break the Anti-Environmentalist Mold

They, of all people, should want to protect the planet for the living and unborn.

Cutting Through the Fed’s Orwellian Doublethink

They keep accommodating the Treasury Department’s excesses. Will the new chairman continue to say one thing and do another?

Can GOP Thread the Needle With New Tax Reform?

This plan tinkers around the edges of current policy, creating winners—and losers.

Bitcoin: The Most Impressive Speculative Bubble In Modern History

The effusive praise for this cryptocurrency is nothing but self-generated flimflam.

When America Was a Developing Country

The nostalgia of some conservatives hearkens back to a different—and irretrievable—economic time.