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Tax Reform Will Not Happen

The status quo serves the interests of politicians too well.

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Our Workless Future

Automation will replace human labor, and the transition could get ugly.

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Do Businesses Pay a Price for Racial Discrimination?

A new study suggests they do.

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Family Policy, Trump-Style

It’s hard to detect a consistent philosophy behind his plan.

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When Young Men Don’t Work

Immigrants replace them in the labor force; leisure replaces work in their lives.

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Our Online Sales-Tax Loophole

A new proposal to close it is promising.

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Trump’s Child Care Plan

There are certainly problems with the ways we tax families, but this is a questionable way of addressing them.

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Clinton’s Bad Trade

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The Safety Net vs. Marriage

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A Reason for Optimism

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188.6 Million Hours of EPA Paperwork

And that’s a minuscule portion of the regulatory state.

Why Trump Challenges Free Trade

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Uber’s Allies

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Social Security: Gut or Expand It?

Both left and right fail to offer a realistic way forward.