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Michael Hogue

The Mencken of Feminism

Why conservatives should give two cheers for Camille Paglia

Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, University of Michigan/Flickr

The Hopeless Politics of Ta-Nehisi Coates

The racial circumstances he was born into are not the same ones inherited by his son.

illustration by Michael Hogue

A Salute to General Devers

A humble leader once overshadowed by Eisenhower and Patton is finally recognized by historians.

Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures

Snow White, Blood Red

“Crimson Peak” is as much a swoony Gothic love story as a horror film.

Deserting the old idol / Dalrymple. LC-DIG-ppmsca-28610 (digital file from original print)

Populism on a Human Scale

Is Jefferson’s decentralized republic the only alternative to the alliance of big business and big government?

Carl Schmitt /  Wikimedia Commons

The Concept of Carl Schmitt

What made the controversial philosopher’s work so compelling?


A Mother Under Wraps

“Goodnight Mommy” is a haunting horror flick about everything we don’t know about other people’s lives.

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A Washed-Out Dr. House—With Hooves

Neflix original “BoJack Horseman” brings a cartoon spin to the recovering man-child.

Foreclosures on the Silver Screen

“99 Homes” pairs Hollywood stars alongside real-life evictees to cut to the heart of the housing crisis.

Shakespeare on Film

A reader-requested list.

What’s It Like to Be in Battle?

Historians may never fully comprehend the soldier’s experience, but several are trying.

How Red Was My Hollywood

In an age grappling with class, race, identity, and the Great Depression, many artists flirted with the left.

One Drug War—Extra Dark

“Sicario” recycles the violent nihilism of “Breaking Bad” without shedding any new light.

The FBI’s Homemade Mobster

A ghoulish Johnny Depp channels Whitey Bulger’s malice in a story of literal “gangster government.”

Home Is Where the Drama Is

Noah Baumbach’s new comedy about the friendship of two ambitious women conceals a soft heart under an acrid exterior.

Who Pulls John Gray’s Strings?

A leading skeptic of modern rationalism challenges the secular faith in progress and human freedom.

Jacob Lawrence’s Existential Sociology

His “Migration” series, reunited at MoMA, is social history raised to the level of art.