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Les Films du Worso

Portrait of the Artist as a Kidnapee

“The Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq” gives a satiric touch to the famed Frenchman’s European exhaustion.

illustration by Michael Hogue

T.S. Eliot, American

How his St. Louis roots and rocky marriage made “The Waste Land” possible

Gajus / Shutterstock

Dancing With Words

Why handwriting is much more than a cumbersome discipline

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle / Wikimedia Commons

Sherlock Holmes’s Politics

He was a Victorian libertarian—and imperial conservative.

Fionne Kidney/Flickr

Love Is a Losing Game

A documentary on Amy Winehouse shows the softer side of a hard-living jazz star.

Elvin W. / Flickr

Getting It Write

A famed copy editor’s journey from cheese factory and the Teamsters to “prose goddess” at The New Yorker

Prime Minister of Israel/Flickr Photo by Kobi Gideon

Michael Oren’s Problem With American Jews

They’ve joined Obama’s multicultural coalition, as Israel embraces right-wing ethnocentrism.

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How Socialism Fails

James Otteson dissects the moral and economic contradictions of collectivism.

Feeling Down on “Inside Out”

The new Pixar film is poignant—and didactic.

The Truth Without Reconciliation Committee

A sequel to 2012’s death-squad documentary “The Act of Killing” lets survivors and victims’ families have their say.

Indie Music’s Christ-Haunted Women

Filling out the ramshackle choir loft of Sufjan Stevens and the Mountain Goats, beyond Sinead O’Connor.

Pro Wrestling (With Angels)

A new album by the Mountain Goats explores rage, memory, masked heroes of the ring, and the unexpected Sunset Flip.

‘Game of Thrones’ Between Two Battles

“Blackwater” and “Hardhome” mark the transition of the HBO show from domestic politics to an existential peril.

Proust’s English Voice

Behind great literature there is often a great translator.

Blinded by the ‘Red Scare’

Laughing away communism’s very real historical threats allows today’s dangerous extremisms to escape cultural notice.

Harold Bloom’s American Sublime

The famed critic’s penultimate book personally exults in the New World’s openness to the literary “daemon.”

Books to Save Your Soul

From Dante’s Divine Comedy to two new memoirs of faith