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Catholic Novelist, Commercial Folly

Though a brilliant writer, J.F. Powers was resistant to the realities and mundanities of life.


Very Kingsley Amis

Introducing video to The Repository.

LOOK April 29, 1969 / Wikimedia Commons

The Christian Man in Black

Johnny Cash’s life is a story of redemption.

illustration by Michael Hogue

La Follette’s Lessons in Empire

How a WWI-era senator turned from unreflective interventionism to prudential foreign policy

Zhao Tao as Xiao Yu in A TOUCH OF SIN, a film by Jia Zhang-Ke. Kino Lorber, Inc

“A Touch of Sin” in China’s New Economy

The People’s Republic confronts capitalism’s dark side in this banned new film.

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What Happened to Basil Bunting?

Author of the “finest long poem … since T.S. Eliot’s Quartets,” he was a pacifist and a warrior—and he’s overdue for a revival.

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Robert Gates: The Soldiers’ Secretary?

The former secretary of defense’s memoir shows that good intentions won’t fix U.S. foreign policy.

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Burke vs. Paine—Then and Now

A pamphlet war between two giants of political thought gave birth to left and right.

Carrying the Torch for Karl Kraus

Jonathan Franzen rebrands the classic Austrian writer for a modern American audience.

Walking Away From War

What happened to the men who went AWOL in World War II? Charles Glass’s new book tells the tale.

Prohibition and Civilization

“The ideals and instruments of Puritanism are simply unworthy of a free people.”

Pete Seeger’s Conservative Socialism

The folk singer kept his attachment to peace and place as the New Left started culture wars.

The Anti-Jefferson

Founding Father John Dickinson refused to sign the Declaration of Independence—and knew of “a better guide than reason.”

The Fall of Football

Why the discipline, drama, and “brutal beauty” of America’s favorite game are worth saving

Shakespeare in the Original

Men playing women, candles instead of electric lights—why two new productions stage the Bard the old-fashioned way.

Save The Cat

“Inside Llewyn Davis” is the Coen Brothers’ portrait of the artist as a young failure.

Turing’s Love Test

“Her” is a clever Pygmalion story for the iPhone age—and wonderfully acted.