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Was ‘American Sniper’ Antiwar?

Evaluating Clint Eastwood’s libertarian motivations—and considering what could come next from Hollywood’s loner director.


The Walking Dread: “It Follows”

A fearsome little horror film that is all monster, no message


Finding Yourself in Dante

Dante’s story is everybody’s story. If you get lost in the Divine Comedy, you may just discover yourself

Michael Hogue

How Father Neuhaus Found GOP

A new biography recounts the First Things founder’s journey from leftist Lutheran to Catholic neoconservative.

Embarkation of the Pilgrims, Robert W. Weir / Wikimedia Commons

Secularists vs. Providentialists

America’s religious liberty is the product of two competing traditions—but does today’s Supreme Court respect the balance?

Mezz Mezzrow,  Wikimedia Commons

Black Like Kerouac

What the Beats stole from an authentically fake jazzman

David Giesbrecht, Netflix

What Happened to “House of Cards”?

The Netflix series seems to have lost its ruthless Machiavellian politics

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The High Costs of the Freedom Agenda

James Risen expertly reveals how a decade of global war enriched the security-industrial complex at the expense of the Constitution.

Brent Scowcroft: Realist Republican

Can today’s GOP produce foreign-policy minds as wise as the one revealed in this biography of Bush I’s national-security adviser?

Should We Sponsor Bookstores?

Why indie bookstores are seeking subscribers to stay alive

Here Is ‘How Dante Can Save Your Life’

Announcing the April 14 publication of my new book about the ‘Divine Comedy’

Marilynne Robinson Returns to Gilead

America’s preeminent Christian novelist explores baptism, works, and redemption.

America’s Imperial Mental Illness

How U.S. medicine is changing the way the world loses its mind.

Is There a Christian Way to Be Gay?

A lesbian Catholic tries to carve out a complex middle between two hostile camps.

Singing Gospel, Growing Up Gay

Religion, sexuality, and ambition make a volatile mix at a black Christian boys’ prep school.

The Soul of Man Under the Mixed Economy

Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne’s film, “Two Days, One Night” asks the question: what happens to solidarity when workers have to hand out pink slips to each other?

Merry Widows, Weeping Brides

The Metropolitan Museum of Art puts the fun back in funerals.