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Jacob Lawrence. The Migration Series. 1940-41. Panel 40: “The migrants arrived in great numbers.” MoMA

Jacob Lawrence’s Existential Sociology

His “Migration” series, reunited at MoMA, is social history raised to the level of art.

illustration by Michael Hogue

A Missing History of Conservatism

Garland Tucker’s new book shows the right’s historical roots before Buckley, Goldwater, and Reagan.


Failing Into Love

A quirky Catholic convert unlocks prayer and spiritual growth with Shakespeare, math, and ballroom dance.

amends eve tushnet

“Amends,” My Reality-TV Rehab Satire, Is Now Available

Bad advice, bad memories, mysticism, humiliation, class struggle, sleaze, and more of my favorite things.

Nikephoros III Botaniates, Byzantine emperor /  Wikimedia Commons

Byzantine Empire—or Republic?

Eastern emperors were accountable to their people and the public good without being democrats.

Tightrope Walk

Painting Modernism Before the Bolsheviks

The Neue Galerie captures Russia’s last moments of open artistic experimentation before the “short 20th century.”

Dante Statue: Huang Zheng / Shutterstock ,  Dreher illustration: Michael Hogue

Saved by the Divine Comedy

Rod Dreher shows how a literary classic can be the best therapy for troubled times and a troubled soul.

MORE IN Arts & Letters

Redeeming “Paper Towns”

How friendship saves the day in John Green’s latest film adapatation

Constant Lambert Lost (and Found)

The musician’s dark side makes it hard to remember his stunning beginnings.

What’s a Nice Girl Like You Doing in a Movie Like This?

The moralistic storytelling of “Trainwreck” results in a boring film.

Portrait of the Artist as a Kidnapee

“The Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq” gives a satiric touch to the famed Frenchman’s European exhaustion.

T.S. Eliot, American

How his St. Louis roots and rocky marriage made “The Waste Land” possible

Dancing With Words

Why handwriting is much more than a cumbersome discipline

Sherlock Holmes’s Politics

He was a Victorian libertarian—and imperial conservative.

Love Is a Losing Game

A documentary on Amy Winehouse shows the softer side of a hard-living jazz star.

Getting It Write

A famed copy editor’s journey from cheese factory and the Teamsters to “prose goddess” at The New Yorker

Michael Oren’s Problem With American Jews

They’ve joined Obama’s multicultural coalition, as Israel embraces right-wing ethnocentrism.