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Edward Snowden, Everyman?

Oliver Stone’s biopic is factually accurate, but honesty isn’t the same as objectivity.

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Liturgies for Young and Old

James K.A. Smith’s new book explores the heart-shaping power of our habits.

Michael Hogue

The Myth of American Retreat

Like his predecessors, Obama has pursued a foreign policy of primacy, not restraint.

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Escape From Detroit

Don’t Breathe is an effective horror flick whose least-effective elements hide its real insights.

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If Google Were a Book

The colorful history of encyclopedias, dictionaries, and atlases—the original search engines

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After Conservatism

Trump has dispelled plenty of illusions about the GOP coalition. So what comes next?


Adapting Philip Roth

No filmmaker may ever nail it.

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Make America Small Again

Yuval Levin suggests a return to subsidiarity can cure our fractured republic.

Our Don Quixote, Ourselves

Cervantes’ masterpiece captures the modern human condition in all of its layers and ambiguities.

The Federalists’ Revenge

Not all the Founders were for limited government.

There’s No Cure for Vice

Today’s newest antiheroes don’t pretend to be anything other than what they are: terrible people.

Mid-Century Modern

What do a series of radical re-imaginings of American classics by European directors say about our relationship to our own history?

Don’t Blame Me, I’m Just the Viceroy

Why do Zalmay Khalilzad and others in the foreign-policy establishment refuse to question America’s role in the world?

Humiliation and Reconciliation

What medieval penance can tell us about making modern-day amends.

Garrison Keillor’s Dark Americana

A Prairie Home Companion sounded like easy nostalgia, but at heart was elegiac and mournful.

In Search of Fascism

It’s become an all-purpose pejorative—but is not necessarily a creature of the counterrevolutionary right.

The Holey Family

In the film Little Sister, everybody is damaged and betrayed—but they are genuinely forgiven.