Obama-loving liberals are goofy. Despite their once fierce — and warranted — hatred for George W. Bush, Democrats now make every excuse in the book for a president who behaves just like him. Obama first burst on the national scene promising to reverse the Bush policies most unpopular with the Left — quagmire wars, warrantless wiretapping, extraordinary rendition, torture — yet he has not only continued each, but expanded them. Leftist Noam Chomsky noted, at the beginning of this president’s first term, “As Obama came into office, [former Secretary of State] Condoleezza Rice predicted he would follow the policies of Bush’s second term, and that is pretty much what happened, apart from a different rhetorical style.” Obama Democrats continue to confuse that style for substantive difference, exemplifying the same sort of mindless partisanship that characterized the Bush Republicans they once abhorred.

Mistaking style, or mere surface differences, for substance is by no means exclusive to the Left. When Michelle Obama took a trip to Spain recently, a man called in to the radio station where I’m employed to voice his anger over it. Puzzled by the caller’s rage, I sort of dismissed him, only to learn that talk host Rush Limbaugh had also harshly criticized the first lady for the same reason. Standing in a restaurant later that day, I overheard a group of old men having a political discussion. “Barack Hussein Obama,” said one man, repeatedly. Another declared, “If the Republicans don’t win the next election, there’s going to be riots.”

In their hatred for all things Obama, I’m quite sure all of these men consider themselves patriots of some sort, who might “save” this country if they could only get rid of the current administration. They think they’re valiant, but they’re not.

They’re completely useless.

If conservatives want to know how Obama and his party are currently able to get away with creating colossal debt and an even more monstrous government they should look no further than the last administration. Where was the Right — as the Left often asks, and justifiably so — when Bush doubled the size of government and the national debt during his eight year term? Where was the caller who is so angry about Michelle Obama’s vacation when Bush created the largest entitlement expansion since Lyndon Johnson, with Medicare Part D? What was Limbaugh complaining about the same week Dubya was enacting the federally intrusive education disaster “No Child Left Behind”?

I can tell you where today’s Republican House Minority Leader and Obama-critic John Boehner was — the man whose party winning in 2010 might prevent “riots” — he was standing right next to Bush as he signed NCLB, heartily endorsing the legislation as one of his “proudest achievements.” It has been reported that some Republican outfit, apparently nostalgic for pre-Obama America, has erected a billboard featuring Bush with the caption, “Miss me yet?” Are they kidding? Hell no, I don’t miss him — and any serious conservative shouldn’t either, as our current president simply continues to build upon the last one’s statist achievements.

And “building” is exactly what it is — regardless of which party is in control, when was the last time a president departed office, leaving behind a federal government smaller than he found it? Not even Ronald Reagan did this, as each successive administration piles on new and massive bureaucracy. Imagine this — what if there had never been a George W. Bush, and America went straight from Bill Clinton to Obama in 2000. Now imagine Obama did exactly everything Bush did, in terms of policy, programs, the whole works. Would the Right be beating up a Democratic president for doing exactly what they either defended or ignored Bush doing? Of course they would. “Why is President Obama on vacation down at the Crawford Ranch in Texas?” an angry talk radio caller might ask. Limbaugh would have probably asked the same, incessantly. “Barack Hussein Obama” would have been accused by conservatives of bankrupting the country with his Medicare expansion, and “riots” might have been predicted over No Child Left Behind. It would certainly not go unnoticed by Republicans that Obama had doubled the national debt. And the GOP would be promising voters they would never do any of this stuff — and a vote for them come November would be the surest way to stop it.

This week, I have the honor of speaking at Young Americans for Liberty’s national convention in Washington, D.C. YAL is a relatively new but rapidly growing conservative student activist organization. These younger conservatives give me much hope, in that they instinctively understand that America’s ever increasing statism is the fault of both parties, and they seem far more concerned with this addressing this primary problem than getting bogged down in the partisan minutiae of bitching about nonsense like where the first lady vacations or what the president’s middle name is. If Michelle Obama stayed on permanent vacation or if the president’s name was Barack “Hussein-Osama-Adolph Hitler-Mel Gibson” Obama, this would not matter more than the fact that the next time Republicans are in charge they will probably not dismantle any of the government monstrosities the Democrats are now erecting, and if history is any guide, will likely add to them. Perhaps there should be “riots” — and they should be bipartisan.