Reflecting on today’s Kucinich-led impeachment hearings hearings on impeachment (at which Bob Barr testified, by the way), Thoreau wonders whether “Even worse than Clinton!” might be a slogan that could rally conservatives to the cause. But here’s the hang-up:

Conservatives might actually rally to that, but Republicans wouldn’t.  Conservatism is a set of ideas, Republicanism (large R, not small r) is loyalty to a party.

It turns out we’ve already got a word for that, actually.

Seriously, though, whatever you think of the hysteria and crass political motives that characterized the Clinton impeachment, he did do something that under almost any other circumstances would have had the average liberal screaming “Sexual harassment!” and calling for his immediate firing,* and he did lie about it under oath. But what Bush and his cronies have done is UNCONSCIONABLY worse, and I’m deeply grateful to the extremists who are trying to bring them to justice. Fight on, little alien man, fight on.

* And the average conservative sticking up for him and saying “Boys will be boys”, I know, I know.

[UPDATE: The text of Barr’s testimony is here. I hope to read it and have something to say about it later on.]