Exhibit A: Until I read this, I had not know that the Discovery Institute is now – no, really! – “a think tank devoted to free market ideas”. Nor was I aware that the world record for phone-booth-stuffing was 22 persons. (Bear that in mind; you’ll need to remember it to understand the punchline of what’s to come.) Nor, crucially, had I had the opportunity to chuckle at this anecdote:

There were several surprises at the climate change conference I attended in New York. … organizers told the media it was convened to refute the contention of Jim Martin of the Colorado department of the Environment, who told The Denver Post that :

“You could have a convention of all the scientists who dispute climate change in a relatively small phone booth.”

Seeing the conference banquet fill a hotel ballroom, Heartland Institute chairman Jim Bast crowed:

“Hey Jim Martin, does this look like a phone booth to you?”

All scientists present were then asked to step forward for a group photo, in which The New York Times reports, 19 appear.

Time to get cozy, folks.