… matters of national security are to other matters of national security, I guess.

What Andrew fails to understand is that, as Dan Koffler has explained in considerable detail, his bizarre fixation with every last detail of Sarah Palin’s pregnancy-or-lack-thereof is something that has consistently distracted attention away from her obvious unreadiness for the Vice Presidency, not to mention the matters of substance on which a McCain-Palin administration would be horribly, dangerously wrong, and has made it that much easier for his critics to dismiss him as a blindly partisan hack. If pointing out some of the manifold ways in which Andrew’s very public “vetting” of Governor Palin has gone off the rails and descended into a run of outright smears and gross distortions counts as an attempt at “intimidation”, then the rules of this game are a strange lot indeed.

[UPDATE: This blogger gets it:

Right. Sarah Palin’s decision to have amniocentesis is the moral equivalent of the Bush administration’s deceit over WMD in Iraq. It’s ludicrous. Palin’s private reproductive health isn’t a matter of public concern, it isn’t the decision to go to war, and there’s nothing like the pre-war press environment right now. Palin faces a mostly skeptical press, which has no qualms about attacking McCain/Palin. It’s not at all like the environment prior to the Iraq War where the mainstream pro-war consensus silenced the voices of dissent. By seizing on this inconsequential nit of an issue, Sullivan cartoonishly inflates his importance. By fighting over this non-issue, Sullivan takes on the pose of a real hero.

And that’s why I can’t get enough of him. I love kooks, and I love this kind of reply, “You may laugh at me, but don’t you know they laughed at EINSTEIN too!” It’s the cry of the true internet kook, that public disapproval is a sign of virtue. Sullivan’s not crazy, it’s the world that’s gone mad!

Count me among the lunatics, please.]