By H.C. Johns

(Cross-posted at The Other Right)

Via the Row Boat, further validation of Bloom’s contention that Mormonism is the American gnosticism:

Increasingly, persons are recognizing parallels and complements between Mormon and Transhumanist views. On the one hand, Mormonism is a religious ideology of the Judeo-Christian tradition that advocates faith in God leading to salvation. On the other hand, Transhumanism is a mostly secular ideology that advocates ethical use of technology to extend human capabilities. However, Mormonism and Transhumanism advocate remarkably similar views of human nature and its future: material beings organized according to law, rapidly advancing knowledge and power, imminent fundamental changes to anatomy and environment, and eventual transcendence of present limitations. Resources available through this site provide details on the relation between Mormon and Transhumanist views.

Of course, this is definitely a fringe deal, but its a fantastic if terrifying illustration of just how thin of a line separates our frontier mythology and our belief in the salvific power of technology.