K-Lo’s got those elephant-colored glasses back on:

They’ll [sic] be a picture by day’s end with McCain and Obama standing with President Bush. Obama’s gotta love that. Any serious person will look at Bush, and see, whatever you think of the plan, a leader who lead [sic] — he said we needed this and he got it. They’ll look at McCain and see a man with a record of service and legislative accomplishment (again, for good or ill!). They’ll see Obama and see such prospect, but wonder: What has he done? Can he really be PRESIDENT?

Strikes me as a bad photo op for Obama.

Well, either that or they’ll see one man who presided over a huge financial crisis and responded by pushing for a massive bailout that nobody likes, another man from the same party who shares his complete ignorance of matters economic, and a third who hasn’t acted like a spoiled, petulant child every time things have failed to go his way. Yeah, that’ll be a disaster for Obama.