sept 6 003The 2008 Notre Dame football season starts in a matter of minutes, and in my home at least excitement reigns. What are we expecting? Against San Diego State this afternoon it’s hard to think the Fighting Irish will look anything less than sharp – in the weeks beyond, however, there are enough holes on the team (in particular along the offensive line and among the defensive front seven) that I expect we’ll see more than our share of 2007-style moments as well, albeit less frequently and with less of a farcical character. Nothing between 4-8 and 8-4 would surprise me all that much, but anything less than a bowl game – with, pray God, a win! – will be a pretty thorough disappointment. After the nightmare that was last year, it’s hard not to anticipate some real improvement, but then again after the nightmare that was last year tiny little baby steps aren’t going to be enough.

Consider this an open thread for the Notre Dame fans and alums among my readership. Go Irish!

(Photo of my son Jack in his Fighting Irish best taken by yours truly.)