135No, Jack hasn’t grown down: the photo’s from last year’s ND-Stanford game, which we drove down to Palo Alto to see. It was a pretty enjoyable experience, save for the parking situation (How do we know when the lots are full? Send a full line of cars in, have them drive around for 15 minutes, and see if they come out the other end!), the pre-game festivities (lame), the jerk P.A. announcer (double lame), the awful Stanford band (triple lame), and David Grimes getting robbed of a clear TD catch (lame, lame, lame, lame, lame): the stadium had beautiful grassy areas above each end zone where kids could play, and Jack chewed on his rosary as the Irish rolled to victory in the second half.

As for today … bonus motivation? Check. Unconvincing apology for slandering a team, its hometown, its stadium, and its fans? Check. Opposing school’s marching band? Uhh, banned. Anyway, I’m late to this, and the game has already started. Go Irish, beat Cardinal!

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