Toward the end of the comments here, a reader points to a 1993 article complaining about the abandonment of the “traditional cooked breakfast”:

The wives are too lazy and churlish to cook it. Their husbands and children are too lazy to get up in time to eat it. In addition, all of them gullibly swallow the propaganda of assorted food faddists and health fascists. So they spoon up mixtures of grey cardboard, sawdust, and skimmed milk before they slouch off to the office, school, or unemployment-handout center. This mixture, they believe, will make them go to the lavatory, banish heart disease, and guarantee that they live forever. Why such a lazy people should want to do something as energetic as live forever is a mystery.

(This is, in fact, meant to be a description of the English in contrast to the Americans, but it seems that the gap has closed a bit.) What follows – a must-read description of the “conservative breakfast” as centering on pastured eggs cooked in meat fat, home-made bacon and sausage, and perhaps a glass of brandy to chase it all down – does indeed sound at once delicious and profoundly conservative, and it is in fact pretty much the kind of breakfast you are encouraged to eat in Nina Planck’s Real Food, which I plugged in my TAC piece and recently praised downblog. Were it not for the high cost of quality meat, it is undoubtedly the sort of route that I for one would go.

Where’s the article from, you ask? Well, that’s where things get even tastier.