In the Flickr comments thread I mentioned in an update below, there is also this:

I was told that “arcxix”, the Kos member who broke the story, is a high ranking Obama adviser, so BabyGate is here to stay. McCain picked Palin without vetting her at all. He only met her once.

Obama/Biden 2008

Would the Obama campaign care to comment on this potentially very serious matter? All that it will take to defuse these allegations is for DailyKos to release the IP number of the diarist in question, which can then be compared to the IP addresses of any computers used, either in the office or at home, by members of the Obama campaign staff and their friends and family. This can all be done, if the Obama campaign so wishes, in a closed room for reporters, and once everyone’s cache files have been checked and their good names cleared we can all breathe a sigh of relief and move on. Sound good?

Or do I not understand how these things work?