By J.L. Wall

Not since Harlan County in the 30s has the Commonwealth seen fighting like this!

Okay, maybe I exaggerate. But today’s blogosphere has been full of debate over what may be America’s most underrated musical genre: First, Noah Berlatsky complains about the commercialization of Bluegrass. Then Joe Carter takes issue with his attack on Alison Krauss and his love for Emmylou Harris. Then Berlatsky responds. Then Peter Suderman almost jumps into the fray, but thinks better of it and just links to Berlatsky. I fully expect Helen Rittelmeyer to get involved and apply her developing aesthetic of country music to the whole thing.

As for me, it’s all I can do not to challenge Mr. Carter to a duel after those things he says about the fair Miss Harris.  What kind of gentleman lets a lady’s honor get sullied like that while looking the other way?  (Well, to be fair, one like me, who knows he’d lose any duel.)

Anyway, go read.

Update: Since I don’t feel like cluttering John’s place with too much random Emmylou Harris-blogging I’ve kept my continuation on this subject over at phaidimoi logoi.  It’ll also help keep the cobwebs away over there, I guess.  (And just so you don’t complain, I warned you about this tendency of mine yesterday.)