“Professor Richard Dawkins has complained of religious beliefs that they offer too simple a picture of reality, one that is too easily understood, whereas, he thinks, we should expect to find reality perplexing and hard to understand. As a criticism of Christian belief, this appears to me wildly wide of the mark. I agree that we should expect to find reality perplexing. Physical theories are indeed often perplexing; but so are doctrines of the kind I have just mentioned [i.e., those that rest on revelation rather than human reason, such as the Incarnation, the Trinity, and the Eucharist]. It indeed seems to me that it tells in favour of the truth of the Christian creed that it presents reality as intellectually perplexing in the way that it does: that is just how we ought to expect things to be.” – Michael Dummett

P.S. I excerpted Dummett’s conversion story, which comes from the same volume of papers as the essay quoted above, at dotCommonweal the other week.