Pyrrhonian Love
Jean-François Dreux du Radier

I hate you, I love you; and when so feeling
My cluttered heart knows nothing:
Yet, knowing nothing, it hates you, it loves you,
And nothing surpasses (alas!) the pains I feel.

Je vous hais, je vous aime ; et dans ses sentiments
Mon coeur embarrassé ne connaît rien lui-même :
Mais sans y rien connaître, il vous hait, il vous aime,
Et rien n’égale, hélas ! les peines que je sens.

Jean-François Dreux du Radier (1714-1780) was a lawyer from Chateauneuf en Thymerais and claimed to be a member of academies in Lyon, Rouen, Angers, and others, as well as of the Royal Society of Agriculture of Alençon. He was known for his translations of the satires of Persius.