My friend and HBU colleague Collin Garbarino has created a reading group for anyone interested in taking on Augustine’s long, important and always relevant City of God in 2014:

Why should you read the City of God with me in 2014? Because it’s awesome. Augustine of Hippo started his magnum opus after Germans sacked the city of Rome in 410. Both pagan Romans and Christian Romans took the destruction of the city pretty hard, and both looked for meaning in the event. The pagans blamed the Christians, and many Christians couldn’t understand how this catastrophe could happen in a Christian empire. Augustine writes his book to put historical events in a theological perspective. City of God has everything—history, theology, philosophy, science. Augustine crams a lot of ancient learning into this one book. I like to think of the City of God as the capstone of the ancient world. It’s definitely worth reading.

The Facebook group is here. Collin knows his Augustine. I have tried to read City of God a couple of times, but I’ve never finished it. I think I’ll give it a shot. Join me?